Mercedes-Benz Road Trip 2014 – The VIDEO #MBRT14


What happens when you send 14 bloggers in 4 days through 8 US states? And when you give them 8 Mercedes-Benz? (Well we were only allowed to drive 7 of them, the new C-Class was only there to watch and touch). Many stuff what happened you’ve already read in my daily updates from #MBRT14. But some stuff is hard to tell. You have to see it by yourself. And that’s why I made this video:

Big yayness and lots and lots of love to my co-drivers:

Heike Kaufhold from, Jens Stratmann from, Jan Gleitsmann from, Mathias Winks from, Marcus and Nicolai from Ignant, Sarah Sauer, Markus Jordan from Mercedes-Benz Passion Blog, Gianluca Pezzi from, Javier Álvarez from, Omar Rana from, Des Sellmeijer from and Gonzague Dambricourt from This trip was awesomesauce!

And for sure thanks to Toby, Charlie, Wolfgang and Thilo from Mercedes-Benz.