Gewinne ein Wochenende in Berlin


Berlin, die Stadt aller Städte, das Herz Europas und Du verbringst hier ein supertolles Wochenende. Das wär doch was… Geht ganz einfach! Mach einfach beim Gewinnspiel mit und gewinne ein Wochenende in Berlin mit allem drum und dran. Anreise per Flug oder Bahn, 2 Übernachtungen, ein tolles Programm und… mich als Begleitung. Wir werden gemeinsam die Stadt erobern, alle Sehenswürdigkeiten sehen, die man gesehen haben muss und vieles mehr. Ich verspreche Dir, das wird ein Wochenende, wie man es nur in Berlin haben kann

Was gibt es zu gewinnen?

Was musst Du dafür tun?

Einfach die Frage unten beantworten, „Wieviele Meininger Hotels gibt es in Europa?“. Dann kannst Du noch kräftig weitere Punkte sammeln, indem Du zum Beispiel über dieses Gewinnspiel tweetest, meine Facebook Seite „likest“, einen Kommentar hinterlässt oder eine der vielen weiteren Optionen nutzt. Und da ihr wisst, wie spontan ich immer verreise, geht es dann auch ratzfatz nach Berlin, nämlich am Wochenende vom 13. bis 15. April. Du kannst die Vorfreude schon spüren? Ich auch! Und wer weiß, vielleicht nehm ich Dich sogar mit in meine absolute (geheime) Lieblingsbar… Natürlich wird es nach dem Wochenende einen tollen Bericht hier auf Just Travelous über unser Wochenende geben… wo meine Lieblingsbar ist, bleibt aber unter uns.

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Der Gewinner wird am Dienstag, den 10. April 2012 per Email benachrichtigt.

Hi, ich bin Yvonne. Reisesüchtig. Schuldig im Sinne der Anklage. Sehr wahrscheinlich falle ich gerade irgendwo von einem Kamel, werde von einer Kobra angespuckt oder schleppe mein Gepäck durch einen Fluß im Dschungel. Es könnte allerdings auch gut sein, dass ich gerade im Schlafanzug auf meinem Sofa in Berlin sitze. Gute Mädchen kommen in den Himmel, böse Mädchen kommen überall hin. Überall hört sich irgendwie viel spannender an. Seid travelous und folgt mir!

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  1. wollte schon suuuuuuper lange mal nach berlin… und die stadt dann auch noch mit dir zusammen zu erkunden wär natürlich perfekt 🙂

  2. I would love the opportunity to visit Berlin! I just moved to Hamburg last week to be with my boyfriend I met traveling in SEA. It would be so fun to see a new city and to meet you before Umbria!

  3. I’d love to get the chance seeing Berlin from the perspective of a local who is at the same time a globetrotter and experienced traveller. I’ve been to Berlin 4 times in the last 4 years, always at the same time during ITBa, lways staying at the same spot. I know what my hotel looks like inside out and I know the way from the hotel to the fair ground like the back of my hand – and that’s pretty much it. Berlin waits for me to get explored! 🙂

  4. I have already seen so many cities in my life – but Berlin, the capital of my home country? Nada! It is a shame and it`s on my list of „definitely must do it in a propper way“.

  5. Why? Question is, why wouldn’t someone want this? Travel w/you to Berlin and learn so many great ins/outs and tips – maybe ply you with food/drink to get the „secret“ bar location from you? Lots of potential for mischief *grin*

  6. I would love to win this weekend and thus have the opportunity to discover all your secrets… I’ve never been to Berlin…

  7. Ohh that would be perfect for me! My travels plans don’t start until mid-May and I am definitely getting antsy! 🙂 Thanks for hosting such a great contest!

  8. Everyone knows that seeing a place through the eyes of a local is the best you can get! I would LOVE a weekend in Berlin to gorge myself on German beer and sausages, snap photos of the Berlin Wall, and talk travel blogging with you! Thanks for this great opportunity!

  9. In the beginning of this year I’ve decided that this would a year of changes. Doing instead of thinking of doing it. I’m the kind of person that wants everything and wants it right now, I’m full of desires and since time is ticking away, I need to do start making my dreams come true. So far my plan rather successful, and this kind of offer is something that perfectly depicts my state of mind – before my reaction on this king of offer would be: „perfect, BUT…“ I was just too conscious and too worried workaholic. And now I would instantly, without a doubt leave for a weekend or more. Reading about your way of life is inspirational enough to know that weekend with you in divine Berlin would be not more or less than perfect experience.

  10. I think the most valuable part of this prize in the personal tour guide, offering insider tips about this beautiful city. I have my fingers crossed for my entry.

  11. i’d love to win because 1) the idea of a spontaneous trip sounds FAB! 2) i have only been to Berlin once and didn’t really see the best of what it has to offer. would love a personal tour with someone who loves it so! 3) the new hotel looks awesome!! 4) a secret bar that’s location has to be kept secret…so down with this! how FUN!

  12. Wojciech Witkowski

    i`d love to see Berlin! it is an incredible city without a doubt. i was about going there 2 times but unfortunately, came across obstacles in both trials. Anyway, i hope to do it with Meininger, i`ve been to Meininger in Vienna recently and now i cannot imagine a better place to sleep. Greetings from Poland!

  13. I stayed at meininger humboldthaus jst a month ago an d all i wanna do is go back! You can never get enough of this city! Take me there, please 🙂

  14. Wow this is an amazing price! I haven’t been to Berlin in Four years and wouldn’t mind getting again the feel of this amazing city! Fingers crossed!

  15. Hi Yvonne,

    I’m off to Berlin in a few weeks time. I posted a request on Twitter, Facebook and Google plus for tips, blog posts, photos etc. I’m looking for anything that can help me find some great (unusual) things to do.
    Social media is supposed to be the way to get great travel ideas and help but I’ve been totally underwhelmed by the response. Zilch on FB. Jools Stone came through with a couple of tips on Twitter that matched my likes. Then moved over to G+ which is better suited for sharing posts, photos and videos. He seems to know me quite well, though we’ve only exchanged mails on FB.
    Can you add something? Look for the hashtag :BerlinSMC on Google plus SMC= Social Media Challenge. If I don’t count Jools‘ contribution it is a FAIL so far.

    • Yvonne

      You found the perfect person for this… will tweet you some stuff! 😀 and will encourage my tweeps to send some more! 😀 and maybe we can meet for a coffee when you’re in town! Keep me updated!

      • Thank you Yvonne, My phone has been going crazy with new Twitter messages. So far only one post from you. Can you try posting on Google + using the #BerlinSMC Hashtag. Just as easy to find as Twitter. I’ve added the currywurst post to the #BerlinSMC stream.

  16. Berlin is definitely on the list! I’ve visited other cities in Germany, and they were all nice, but I really want to experience Berlin.. the wall, Brandenburg gates, the Victory column! I would love to be able to see it and cross it off the list!

  17. Damn, I would love this, but I can’t be in Europe that soon. I will be in Berlin in late May/early June, though. Can I twist your arm to know your favorite bar? Your favorite currywurst? Your favorite Flohmarkt? Your favorite …? The list is endless.

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