Palamós – A Fishermen Village in Costa Brava


The technique is different, the boats are more modern and the fishermen have cell phones. And actually Palamós is no longer a fishermen village but a city. But everything else is the same since hundreds and hundreds of years. The king prawns, the Gambas, that’s what Palamós is famous for. Nowhere else they do have this colour, this size and this taste. Every day after ten, twelve hours at sea the fishermen come back to the harbour, sell their haul and go home. Seagulls are circling above the boats and the sun is setting quietly.

And then I’m standing there next to the freshest fish I’ve ever ever seen in my whole life. I wouldn’t be surprised if this fish would start speaking. A man is standing next to me, a bucket full of fish in his hand. “Do you like this boat? It’s mine.” he says proudly und holds the bucket towards a boat with the name “Germanor”. It’s the name of a Sardana, a Catalan dance, he tells me and I remember when I danced the Sardana in a small village in the Catalan Pyrenees.

It’s so peaceful here at the harbour and in the same time it’s loud and bustling and full of people. People who all just think about one thing right now: fish.

My thanks to the tourism board Costa Brava for inviting me on this trip.

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