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Instagram can be mean. Right now for example, when I’m sitting on my sofa in Berlin, the sky is grey and dark and urgh. And I just want to leave. Exactly the same feeling I had after six weeks travelling through Southeast Asia. I just wanted to leave. Back home. To Berlin. I was watching all the Winterwonderland pics of Berlin at that time and just wanted to walk through the snowy streets of Berlin. Now I’m back in Berlin since 6 weeks and I just want to leave. And then I’m scrolling through my Instagram feed, with pictures from places I’ve never been to, places I want to be right now. And bamm, there it is: the travel bug is biting me. And as I also can be a mean person, I thought I want to torture you. With my most liked Instagram pictures from my travels. Sorry. The travel bug will bite you. I promise.

1. Angkor Wat, Cambodia


Soon I will tell you all about Angor and Siem Reap, the good, the bad and the ugly. And why I think no one should go there ever again.

2. Woman at Inle Lake, Myanmar (Burma)


Myanmar (Burma) was on top of my bucket list for a long long time. I’ve already told you why Bagan really really sucked and all you need to know when travelling to Myanmar (Burma).  But you can look forward to a brand new video soon!

3. White Temple in Chiang Rai, Thailand


The White Temple in Chiang Rai is crazy shit. Seriously. The artist behind this must be really really crazy and in the same time I think he’s genius. Definitely a must do when travelling through Thailand.

4. Sundowner at Red Sky Bar in Bangkok, Thailand

Sigh, Red Sky Bar. Passion Fruit Martini. Read more here.

5. Sunrise at B Ocean, Fort Lauderdale, Florida


Damn, this was possibly the sexiest sunrise I’ve ever seen. FROM MY BED. Yes, there are some sexy hotels in Florida.

6. Beach in Phuket, Thailand

In Phuket Susi of Blackdotswhitespots and me took some time out with the lovely Frankie of asthebirdflies. Lots and lots of pool and beach action.

7. Sunset in Bangkok, Thailand


Bangkok does suck you in. And you’ll hate it or love it.

8. Petronas Towers, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


I’m still not sure what to think about Kuala Lumpur, but the Petronas Towers were pretty impressive.

9. Sunset in Chiang Mai, Thailand


Oh Chiang Mai, you eternal Sunday. If there’s one city besides Berlin I could live in, it would be you.

10. Sunset in Muscat, Oman


This sunset was a perfect end to our Southeast Asia trip.

Interestingly, my most liked Instagram pics are mostly sunsets. If you do like sunsets you should follow my sunset board on Pinterest.

And for sure you should follow me on Instagram. Next pics could be a lion in South Africa!!! Click here!

Do you use Instagram? How often does the travel bug bit you?

Hi, I'm Yvonne. Travel addict. Guilty as charged. Right now I'm probably falling off a camel somewhere in a desert, getting a new tattoo from a monk in Thailand or am carrying my luggage through a river in the jungle. But just as well I could be sitting on my sofa in Berlin, in my pyjamas. Good girls to to heaven, bad girls go everywhere. Everywhere sounds much more promising. So be travelous and follow me!

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  1. Hi there ! I absolutely love the very last shot and the one on Inle Lake, stunning.
    Here’s my instagram account @djisupertramp, I just followed you.

    Cheers from sunny France 🙂

  2. I remember when you told me you were looking forward to going home when we were in Bangkok, and I just didn’t get it! I think the grass is greener syndrome is real, and dangerous, but also motivating 🙂

    Also? I love the cloud porn in the white temple photo!

    • Yvonne

      Hahaha, ja 😀 And right now I’m sooo looking forward to my trip to South Africa on Sunday…. and the grass there is DEFINITELY greener than the one here in Berlin 😀

  3. I think the architect of the white temple has used some serious drugs more like it. 🙂 Can’t wait to read about why we shouldn’t go to Angkor Wat. That is my favourite sight ever!!!

  4. Totally avoided Instagram for ever and ever, and then joined up in January of this year. I really like it! It’s just a really positive place to look at cool photos, and much simpler than Pinterest (which I am an absolute addict of as well 🙂 )
    Cool post!

  5. Great little list. I can’t wait to get rid of everything and just have my carry on. That’s why I sort of hate having my own place as you need things (bedding, frying pans etc) which you know you are just going to chuck away when you get on the road. It feels such a waste of money.

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