Dear hotel owners, we have to talk…


I like sleeping in hotels. The room is always (unlike my apartment) tidied up, there’s always fresh linen on the bed and I love cuddling under my blanket after a long day, turning on the TV, setting the sleep timer on 45 minutes and falling asleep. But there’s one thing which gives me a hard fight. Every night.

hotel bed hell

First: to get rid of the scatter cushions and decorative cover. And then the worst: the fight with the blanket. You’re tearing and pulling and you’re starting to feel enfeebled and as you’re tired you’re settling with having half of the blanket pulled out from under the mattress. That’ll do.

And then you’re lying down and trying to cuddle into the blanket and you’ll notice, it’s not enough. Then you get up again and start pulling and tearing again. Sometimes you’re too tired and give up.

That sucks! Honestly. Maybe it does look better. But once is enough. It’s ok for me to fight the blanket-mattress-battle for one night. But that’s enough. Sometimes I even use the “Do not disturb” sign just because I prefer to sleep in an untidy room than to fight this battle every night.

You should better avoid embarrassing situations - please do not disturb

Does it really have to be this way? Does it? I don’t understand it. There must be a better way. I mean who stuffs his blanket under his mattress at home???

Can we agree on that, that you stop doing this? At least after the first night? Thanks.

(I still do like you (at least some of you), especially when you put chocolate on my pillow)



Do you hate this as much as I do?

Hi, I'm Yvonne. Travel addict. Guilty as charged. Right now I'm probably falling off a camel somewhere in a desert, getting a new tattoo from a monk in Thailand or am carrying my luggage through a river in the jungle. But just as well I could be sitting on my sofa in Berlin, in my pyjamas. Good girls to to heaven, bad girls go everywhere. Everywhere sounds much more promising. So be travelous and follow me!

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  1. Definite agree from me. Motels are the worst at this, most times feels like they nail the covers to the underside of the mattress! Some top end hotels don’t do this, leaving things nice and flowy and fluffy just like at home…

    Can’t imagine guests actually like this either. And we also leave the sign up a lot both for this and simply to not have to find things once the room’s been straightened up.

    • Yvonne

      I asked the room maid in my last hotel. and she told me they have to do it because “it looks better”. duh.

  2. Haha Yvonne,

    Sehr witzig & gut geschrieben, ich mag es auch nicht 😉 Hier hast Du’s schwarz auf weiß – und das von einer Tourismus-Studentin … schätze, ich bin nicht für diesen Aspekt der Hotellerie!

    Alles Liebe aus Österreich,


    • Yvonne

      Haha, ach komm. Es gibt doch bestimmt eine Magisterarbeit genau zu diesem Thema. Kannste da nich mal recherchieren? Anders kann das doch nicht sein, dass das alle so machen 😀

  3. Yvonne,

    Yup, of course I agree with this too. The first thing I do is toss the cushions and tear out the sheets so I can use the bed later 🙂

    But in Mauritius recently I wondered if (at least there) they did it for a good reason: could it be to prevent the bed feeling damp due to the extreme humidity? Not sure, but it seemed like a possibility. But that’s no excuse in Europe 🙂

    There are quite a few little things hotel owners can do better, if you like have a look at my list and add any others of yours to the comments:


    • Well, I do live in the ‘first world’. If you want to hear about developing world problems, I for one have a bunch of stuff on my blog covering the fun and games of the five years I spent living and traveling in Africa 🙂


      • As mentioned in our little speed date at the ITB, I DO read your blog, and find those problems more read- and write-worthy than issues with blankets in hotel rooms, where one night costs more than the average African family earns in a month.

        • Stefan, do you not think it’s worth blogging about any first world problems then? I think it can be fun, obviously this is not an issue for an African family, but that’s not who we are either. If we don’t talk about any first world problems that means that complaints about a lack of wi-fi (or even electricity) are off the table, surely? An African family can’t afford a plane ticket, shall we stop writing about air travel?

          Anyway I don’t want us to hijack Yvonne’s blog 🙂 I do agree there is a place for everything, and I probably would have worded this particular issue a little differently but it’s clearly an issue that lots of people relate to, as seen by the other comments.

          Good to hear from you BTW, will be emailing you this week – having a major blog redesign right now which is eating my time 🙂

  4. Well said!! I have a HUGE issue with this. I HATE my feet being locked in under the blanket so every night like you, I have to pull the damn thing out from under the mattress so I can sleep comfortably.

    But then, because Ive pulled it out, it pulls out the bottom sheet with it so during the night I get tangled up in the bottom sheet as well as the top! Its a fight I go through every night!!

    And like you, we put the DND sign up just because I cant be bothered with this ritual every single night!!

    Okay, vent over lol

  5. Viel schlimmer sind aber die Überdecken, die wahrscheinlich selten gewaschen werden. Oft ist die Bettdecke so dünn, dass man ohne die Überdecke erfrieren würde, was zur Folge hat, dass man sie dann eben doch benutzen muss…

    Von viel zu dünnen Kopfkissen, die man am Ende dreimal gefaltet benutzt fange ich erst gar nicht an….

    • Yvonne

      EWWWW, ja du hast recht. (Ich hab mich tw schon mit Handtüchern zugedeckt in diesen Fällen) Kein Spass.

  6. Flat. Tucked in.

    So tight and flat, you’d probably bounce the veritable Euro coin from the bed and up to the ceiling.

    A “universal” signal among hotels around the world that the bed has been made.

    Just one of many signs that your room has been tidied or “aufgeräumt”.

    But I haven’t decided yet whether I like the fact that my hotel room has been tidied up in the morning *and* that there’s turndown service in the late-afternoon or early-evening …

    Perhaps one day, someone will come up with the idea that the bed itself is simply a warm enveloping cocoon of warmth that a visitor will simply slip in and fall immediately into blissful unconsciousness.

    So long as the visitor wakes up to a new day … as a Schmetterling (butterfly).

    • Yvonne

      haha, LOVE your comment Henry! I would like to wake up to a new day as a Schmetterling. Every day 😀

  7. I’ve never understood the extra decorative pillows, especially since the only place to put them is usually on the floor. So pillows, which have been on the floor, now are on my supposedly clean bed. Ick.

  8. Totally agree. Firs thing I usually do in a hotel room is untuck all the blankets and sheets from the bed. I can’t sleep with everything tucked in so tight.

  9. Ha ha – I know just what you mean! I actually often use the Do Not Disturb sign because I don’t like the room to be too tidy. If I’m somewhere for a few nights, I like it to feel lived in and a bit more like it’s my home, rather than a sterile hotel room. I would never make my bed that tight (or at all, to be honest) so I quite like getting into a messy one.

  10. Yes, I always use the do not disturb sign. I like my space to homey and comfy the way I leave it 🙂 And why do they give us so many pillows?!!!

    • Yvonne

      I think it’s time for a “Do not disturb, not today and not until the day I leave”-sign 😀

  11. This is a great post. I wasn’t sure if there were any other travelers out there who hated the hotel bed dressing as much as I do! I hope the hotel owners or at least the housekeeping rule makers read your blog 🙂

  12. In cheaper hotels there is no worries: no blankets, no pillows and no linen. And sometimes you get a free nightly safary with the scary man-eaters crawling around you (mosquitos & bed bugs).

    • Yvonne

      haha, it actually also happened in some cheaper hotels. But yes, the cheaper you go the less blankets 😀

  13. Man landed on the moon over 40 years ago…I feel like humans are capable of inventing a solution to this problem!! …I guess only time will tell!

  14. Well said!! I have a HUGE issue with this. I HATE my feet being locked in under the blanket so every night like you, I have to pull the damn thing out from under the mattress so I can sleep comfortably.

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