To the Beach – A Trip to Rimini


When it’s so hot you can’t even think. So hot, that you want to shower three times a day and still not feel refreshed. When the streets are empty and you’re wondering where everyone is. Then it’s time for a day at the beach. And the last days here in Bologna were incredibly hot, too hot. So we decided to take the train to Rimini and enjoy a day at the beach.

And yes, when you think about Rimini you also think about party, 15 kilometers of beach and Italian holidays in the year dot. If you want to avoid the masses of tourists it’s best to go to Rimini during the week, as on weekends it gets really crowded. You can reach Rimini easily from Bologna by train, which will take between one and two hour depending on the connection and costs from 9,80€. Train connections you’ll find via After arriving in Rimini you can either take Bus #11 or walk to the beach which will take you around 20 minutes. The only thing you have to decide then is which colour your umbrella should have…
umbrellas rimini

Have you been to Rimini? Did you like it?

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  1. Nice video! I had the chance to visit Rimini a couple of years ago for Christmas:), so I can’t actually say that I was able to catch up the vibe. Hope to return sometimes in summer.

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