Live like a local in Emilia-Romagna – An Instagram diary


When I’m travelling I like to pretend that I’m a local. Then I’m sitting in cafés watching the locals, imitating them and thinking about how it would be to stay. How my every day life would be like. Which café would be my favourite one? In which super market would I go for shopping? Which would be my favourite places I would show to my friends when they would come visit me? If I would live in Bologna in Emilia-Romagna, it would be like this:

live like a local in emilia romagnathe view from the #Blogville apartment

My favourite bar would be the alternative vine bar, which opens every now and then in the evening at Piazetta Marco Biagi. While you’re sitting on a wooden box or a pile of old newspapers, drinking vine and listening to the music you really feel like a local.

live like a local in emilia romagna

My favourite moment of surprise would be this window in Via Piella, which reveals an amazing view of the hidden canals of Bologna.

live like a local in emilia romagna

I would invite my friends over to my balcony, get pizza from the shop around the corner and celebrate “La Dolce Vita”. Probably we would try listening to the conversations of my neighbours, although I don’t understand Italian it always sounds like holidays.

live like a local in emilia romagna

If it would be too hot to stay in town we would take the train to Rimini and spend a relaxing day at the beach.

live like a local in emilia romagna

Maybe we would rent a car and drive through the hills and mountains of Emilia-Romagna, visiting castles and looking for ghosts. We would have a picnic at a secret spot and would meet people who would make us want to stay forever. And we would eat Gelato until we would feel sick.

live like a local in emilia romagna

live like a local in emilia romagna

What would you do if you live like a local in Emilia-Romagna?

Disclaimer: This post is part of the #Blogville campaign, a collaboration between the Emilia Romagna Tourism Board and iambassador.


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  1. I will definitely would love to live there for more than one vacation. It seems that even without a plan for the stay there are a lot of pleasant temptations around!

  2. I live in the next region over from Emilia Romagna and living like a local looks like visiting the town market on Tuesdays for my produce for the week, then on to the butcher for my meat for the week. If I wake up on a sunny day, I hurry and throw the laundry in the wash to get it hung out to dry. It actually rains quite a lot in Italy (it’s pouring right now, actually)! A lazy Sunday afternoon means a stroll to the gelato shop and maybe a stop at the cantina for a Spritz.

  3. I visited Bologna in April and was lucky enough to stay with a friend who’d been living there for almost a year, so I got to have a much more local experience, which was great. You’re Instagram photos take me back to that trip. I love the colors of Emilia-Romagna.

  4. I love to set up the trips to encourage living like a local. Things like staying in an apt type of situation… having to buy food from a local market for breakfast, even buying your own toilet paper can make it feel real 😉

    I’ve never been to bologna but it’s on the mental chalkboard… Great photos! – M

  5. very nice post and describes very well narrated manner how to spend a quality time with friend in Emilia-Romania, I never visited this but me and my troop will surly surly gonna visit this as soon as possible. Thanks a lot for so beautiful post…I really enjoyed it.

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