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Sometimes it’s more quiet around here than usual. Sometimes it’s the quiet before the storm, because I’m travelling and don’t have the time to write stuff, but sometimes I’m sitting in front of my computer and I do have stories to tell, but I just can’t find the right words. Not that I don’t know how to tell the stories it’s just that I’ve told them so often, in real life, that it feels weird to see them written in black and white.

no words

And sometimes the “real” life, the one out there, is so much more exciting, than to sit in front of the computer and tell stories from gone days… when the day RIGHT now is calling me to go outside.

Now is a time like this. A time when I prefer to be out there, meeting up with friends and telling them all my stories. And taking my time to do all the things I normally don’t have that much time for (mostly because I’m not in Berlin). Go for a coffee, go for a walk, meet up for breakfast, lunch or dinner, cook something together (ohm, nope, I can’t cook, but I have lovely friends who know this and cook for me. And I peel the potatoes or so).

And I like to do stuff like this right now 24/7. And on some days I just want to be alone. Then I don’t want to see anyone and don’t want to talk to anyone.

And there’s one thing which doesn’t fit to such days. The internet. Because it keeps me aways from all the stuff I rather want to do. But the thing is… without internet there is no blog… You see what I’m getting at?

Okay, I will just be honest about this: No, I haven’t forgotten about you and I really would love to tell you all the stories from the last weeks. But during the last weeks it kind was difficult to write about it. Because I kinda wanted to do other stuff. That’s why I have an idea… what about we all meet up for a coffee? And no, you don’t have to come to Berlin for this.. But would you like the idea to talk to each other face to face? Live? And in colour? And you can ask questions and I will tell some stories. That would be possible… with Google Hangout for example. I have no idea how that could work but I think I can find out.. and then we can meet and chat with each other. For an hour or so. And then go back to real life.

What do you think about this idea? Would that be something you’re into? I think I really would love to give it a try… and if you think the same way then we will do this. Soon. On a sunday maybe. When the weather isn’t that good. Yes? YES? Then leave a comment (because it’s the internet and I can’t read your mind) and maybe also tell me what you wanna talk about with me… or leave a comment with all the questions you’ve always wanted to ask me! Deal? Looking forward to seeing you soon…


Hi, I'm Yvonne. Travel addict. Guilty as charged. Right now I'm probably falling off a camel somewhere in a desert, getting a new tattoo from a monk in Thailand or am carrying my luggage through a river in the jungle. But just as well I could be sitting on my sofa in Berlin, in my pyjamas. Good girls to to heaven, bad girls go everywhere. Everywhere sounds much more promising. So be travelous and follow me!

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  1. Kann dir sowas von nachfuehlen. Geht mir im Moment genauso. Draussen scheint die Sonne, bin gerade in Fremantle in Westaustralien, und es gibt sowiel zu entdecken… Die Hangout Idee ist cool, oder eben doch mal in Person in Berlin. War noch nie in Berlin und will naechstes Jahr endlich mal hin.

  2. I’d be in! Except my internet connection is currently terrible for video… Aber ich bin auch in Berlin, so das klingt gut für mich wann Leute sind hier treffen =)

  3. Yvonne

    Awesome. Love that soo many want to meet up! Leaving for Jordan tomorrow and then I will try to figure out this google+ thing and a date to meet up!
    Stay travelous!

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