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I can’t remember what happened, but it did happen – The 25hours Hotel in Vienna

Some hotels just exist so you don’t have to sleep under a bridge in another city. Other hotels are so damn sexy, you don’t want to leave your room. And then there are hotels which are just different. They have a motto, a theme, a something. Sometimes it suites them, sometimes it doesn’t. And some hotels give you mischief-ish ideas…

“I’m currently loading furniture through the window into my car” – Please do not disturb

Well, to be honest, I would love to steal the furniture of the 25hours hotel in Vienna. But this could be a little bit difficult. On the one hand there’s a scaffolding around it right now* (around the hotel not around my car) on the other hand my room was on the 7th floor. But I like the idea. The one with the door signs. And all the others. The 25hours hotel in Vienna has some good ideas, like the one with the TV on top of a suitcase tower. And the bearded woman behind the bed (the theme of the hotel is “circus”). Or the sound-system for the iPod, the free WiFi, the juggling balls, the hula hoop, and oh so many more. And you can even rent a bike for free for your city tour.

“Move along, there’s nothing to see here” – Please do not disturb

*But, ehm, uh? A scaffolding? Yes, that was one thing which irritated me too, the 25hours hotel is still under construction but you don’t really realize this. For real. There are 34 suites so far and soon there will be more rooms on the other floors. But the highlight is on the top. In the attic. The breakfast room/living room/lounge/bar with a terrace with a view over Vienna. They say it’s still an insider tip, because here you can party the night away (also as no-hotel-guest). And then this sign comes handy in the morning…

“I can’t remember what happened, but it did happen.” – Please clean my room

Ok, now you know the door signs, wanna have a look at the rest of the hotel? Here we go:

Disclaimer: I was invited on this trip by Vienna Tourism Board. All opinions are my own, also that I think the door woman for the bar at night is a real bitch. (Smile and think asshole – it helps)

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