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A video from above the clouds – My favourite flight ever!

Actually I don’t like the actual act of travelling. Especially flying. Flying for me is a necessary evil to get from a to b. Until now my secret how to survive a flight was: Close your eyes and get to it! Window seat, neck cushion and sleeping pill for the win.

And then I was sitting there on my flight back from Zanzibar to Frankfurt. And there it was: Mount Kilimanjaro in all its glory. And I really had to pinch myself as I couldn’t believe this. I saw the snows of Kilimanjaro. And a little bit later – the Sahara and the Sahara and the Sahara. There was no beginning. There was no end. It really took my breath away. Because it was so beautiful. Simply beautiful. And suddenly flying felt different. And it reminded me how I felt like the very first times I was flying on a plane. Fascination. I could have starred out the window forever. But the cockpit was waiting for me! Yes, I had an official permission from Condor to visit the cockpit. And as I was a very lucky girl on this day I also had the chance to be in the cockpit for landing in Frankfurt. YES! But enough words… here’s the video!

My tips for the perfect flight experience:

– Book a day flight

– compile the perfect play list

– enjoy!

Here’s my play list:

Disclaimer: This flight was sponsored by Condor

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