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Oh Zanzibar, I miss you. Already. One week was not enough. I know, I know, it was my decision and I really wasn’t sure if I would get bored if I would stay two weeks there. Alone. On my own. How wrong I was. If there would have been any chance I would have stayed longer… at least one more week!
The first days I stayed in Stonetown, got lost many many times in the narrow alleys and took thousand of pictures of doors.


Let’s be honest: I always thought street art is cool and graffiti is… well I had no idea. I thought it’s kind of the same or graffiti is more or less just daub. Then Paul from TheHiddenPath took me on a cool graffiti tour through Berlin. And told me fascinating things about graffiti and the different techniques and the history and how to read them. And while I’m still learning and watching awesomesauce youtube videos for research I wanted to show you some cool stuff. My Instagram pictures from the tour… And soon I will tell you more about it and I promise you will see graffiti through different eyes then, but for now sit back, relax and enjoy the pictures:


While I’m just getting goose bumps, not because it’s so exciting at the moment, but because a cold wind is blowing through the window into my Berlin apartment, I’m sitting here. And still can’t believe my South African adventure is over yet. And because I still need to digest that, especially as I nearly got killed by a cobra, all you get today are some impressions. To daydream, to say oh and sigh.

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