How to change the world and live a happier life – #7daysofhappiness

Sometimes I catch myself staring at the news and shaking my head in disbelief. How on earth is it possible that we do treat each other and this earth that way? I feel how my heart then is clamming up and a cold shiver is running down my back. It can feel scary to watch the news these days.

But then again I feel this power that’s so much stronger than anything else I’ve ever experienced. The power of love. (Yes, a force from above, cleaning your soul.) And then I remember all the beauty in my life and how privileged I am to be able to share this with other people. And I understand that I want to share this even more as I have witnessed how my love can and does change people’s lives. And how easy it actually is and how fast you’ll see progress once you start spreading the love by loving everyone and everything around you. Even the ones you think they don’t deserve your love.

Some of you might be skeptical right now, asking: “How and why should I love someone who’s clearly not a good person or is doing something that’s totally against everything I believe in? We need to fight these people, they don’t deserve my love.”

Well, what if I tell you that not even only sometimes but actually always these are the people that need love most? And they do deserve love just as much as you deserve love. And you deserve a lot of love. And I promise you that there is actually an easy way to receive more love in your life. (And make this reality the best ever).

Is love “enough”?

We tried fighting each other. We tried. For centuries. And it brought us to a place full of hate, confusion, and abandonment.

The world seems lost. It seems we took a wrong turn at one point.

Everything seems to become more and more absurd and this reality seems to turn into a place where happiness is just a random memory of the past. Oh, if we just could change the past…

What if I tell you there is no past? There never was and never will be.

The past is and always will be just a memory in your mind. You can’t change it. You can’t touch it. It’s gone.

Imagine arriving in the NOW. Exactly the way it is.

Look around. See what is. See the pain, the chaos, and the hate. It’s there. You can’t close your eyes. It’s there.

But, now is now. And now is the moment that will change everything. Now is the moment to decide.

Who are you?

Who do you want to be?

It doesn’t matter who you’ve been.

It really doesn’t matter.

All that matters is who you are now.

From now on things will get better. Now is the moment to decide that love is your motivation. Love for yourself, for everyone else and love for this place called earth. Love for this reality you’re living in.

You CAN make a difference. The truth is, that you have to make a difference. We’re in this together.

We are connected. You are me and I am you. Everything and everyone around you is another version of you. Once you start to understand this, your true motivation will be love. You want to be nice to yourself. You want to be kind to yourself. You want to treat yourself the way you want to be treated. Love everything and everyone. This is the secret.

What can you do to make this reality heaven on earth?

This is just one of many ideas… but I promise you, if you do this, your life will change for the better in just 7 days.


Let’s play a game, let’s do some magic. How? Whenever you feel ready, you can start with the 7 days of happiness. The goal: to create one magical moment of happiness every day for one week. There are no rules, you can do that however you want to do it, but here are my suggestions on how to enhance this experience for you.

  1. Create one magical moment of happiness a day for yourself, a friend or a stranger. Really stick to this commitment for 7 days at least. Make it a challenge. A mission.
  2. Create the moment without expectations. Don’t expect anything in return.
  3. Be creative! It can be as small or big as you want.
  4. Maybe start a journal about your moments, tell someone else about these moments you created or even share the moments on social media (if you want to do that and include #7daysofhappiness it would make me happy and through this, you already have another magical moment of happiness) (And yes, do good and talk about it as this can inspire other people to spread the love too!)

From my experience, it’s easier to create this kind of moments with strangers as they don’t expect anything from you and it’s also more likely that you don’t have any expectations on them. Their reaction will be a complete surprise for you and I promise you, it will be a positive surprise.

But it’s absolutely also possible to create this kind of moments for friends, family and even for yourself. Maybe you always had something in mind that you wanted to do but you never found the time or courage to actually do it. Treat yourself to something you desire. Allow yourself to “spoil” yourself. Sometimes this can be a peanut butter sandwich at midnight, sometimes this can be things like skydiving or speaking your truth in front of someone you didn’t allow yourself yet to be real with.

Once you start creating these moments you will notice a shift in your life, you pretty likely will feel a gratitude that will empower you to create even more magical moments, you will become more and more creative and at one point you might even realize how addictive it can be to create magical moments for other people…

I’m pretty sure you already have some ideas in mind how to create these moments. In case you’re looking for some more ideas…

Here are some examples of how these moments of happiness could look like:

  • Give a compliment to a stranger
  • Tell a friend how much he/she means to you
  • Buy a coffee for the stranger waiting in line behind you
  • Buy a lottery ticket and leave it for someone else to find it
  • Ask a friend if you can do something for him/her or help with something
  • Buy some flowers and give it to a stranger/friend/yourself
  • Ask your cab driver how he/she is doing and really listen
  • Smile at a stranger
  • Tell someone who hurt you that you forgive them and mean it
  • Put your phone away when meeting up with a friend
  • Write a letter full of encouragement and hide it in your local supermarket for someone else to find
  • Listen to your favorite song on full volume and dance your heart out for a few minutes
  • Learn something new
  • Start reading your favorite book again. Remember why you like it so much
  • Buy a second copy of your favorite book and give it to a friend or stranger
  • Allow your inner child to come out and play at least for one moment
  • Give yourself a hug and tell yourself what you love about yourself
  • Make a promise and keep it
  • Create a holiday to celebrate someone you love (like „My best friend appreciation day“)
  • Thank someone who’s done something for you in the past. Even when you already thanked them for it
  • Send a postcard to a friend or family member you haven’t talked in a while
  • Give sweets to a stranger
  • Send a love letter to a close friend/family member
  • Listen. Sometimes that’s all someone else needs
  • When you see someone else doing something nice compliment them for doing that
  • Write down the things you’re grateful for
  • Clean your space and donate stuff
  • Volunteer
  • Leave an extraordinary big tip
  • Buy a small gift for a friend or give it to the next stranger you interact with
  • Smell the flowers

If you want to dive deeper into this, I recommend you to read these articles about how small things did change people’s lives.

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Imagine: You can be the medicine someone else needs. Every moment you create can possibly change someone else’s life. I promise that you will feel more and more empowered with every moment you’re creating and you will realize how much love and happiness you’re creating through this for yourself. Imagine everyone would create magical moments full of happiness for everyone else… what a magical place this reality can be…

Love & Happiness, always.

Tell me how you feel about this idea and share some moments you created with us in the comments.

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