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Dear hotel owners, we have to talk…

I like sleeping in hotels. The room is always (unlike my apartment) tidied up, there’s always fresh linen on the bed and I love cuddling under my blanket after a long day, turning on the TV, setting the sleep timer on 45 minutes and falling asleep. But there’s one thing which gives me a hard fight. Every night.

hotel bed hell

First: to get rid of the scatter cushions and decorative cover. And then the worst: the fight with the blanket. You’re tearing and pulling and you’re starting to feel enfeebled and as you’re tired you’re settling with having half of the blanket pulled out from under the mattress. That’ll do.

And then you’re lying down and trying to cuddle into the blanket and you’ll notice, it’s not enough. Then you get up again and start pulling and tearing again. Sometimes you’re too tired and give up.

That sucks! Honestly. Maybe it does look better. But once is enough. It’s ok for me to fight the blanket-mattress-battle for one night. But that’s enough. Sometimes I even use the “Do not disturb” sign just because I prefer to sleep in an untidy room than to fight this battle every night.

You should better avoid embarrassing situations - please do not disturb

Does it really have to be this way? Does it? I don’t understand it. There must be a better way. I mean who stuffs his blanket under his mattress at home???

Can we agree on that, that you stop doing this? At least after the first night? Thanks.

(I still do like you (at least some of you), especially when you put chocolate on my pillow)



Do you hate this as much as I do?

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