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EAT SURF LIVE – Cornwall’s Rame Peninsula

Good food in England – yeah, it happens! This is one of the foundings that took Vera and Katharina from Nomad Earth to writing a book on the „other“ England. Especially about Cornwall. They named it „Eat Surf Live“. And that’s more or less what it will be all about.

To have a little glimpse inside the book they provide you with an insight in the first chapter about the south eastern corner of Cornwall:

Everybody’s Darling

In the middle of the small seaside town Kingsand, Dawn & Jerome Leopold have a restaurant named The Devonport Inn. And, well, everybody loves it. Right at the promenade, it gets kissed by the sun every morning (when there is sun!). At this time, the chef is still out playing with his dog. However, shortly after, the scent of freshly baked bread, hearty seafood and French classics comes out of the kitchen. The first guests are served at lunchtime. Then the old black board tells them, what specialities the Devonport holds for them. For all who want to have a view on the sea there’s bad news: The best tables can’t be booked. Here you have to be lucky. On the evenings every seat is taken, but waiting for a table really pays of. Just drink a Pimm’s or Ale at the counter and wait for a few minutes. The starters range from bombs (hot camembert) to traditional dishes (chicken lever with bacon) to goodies from the sea (smoked salmon). But it is the main course that crowns your visit to the Devonport Inn: Steak, scallops or risotto with truffles for the veggies among you.

A table with a view

We warn you right at the beginning: Chef Matt from „The View“ is a real surfer and if the surf on Whitsand Bay gets good, he gets his surfboard and closes the restaurant for a few hours. That does not only show you, how Cornish surf culture works, but mirrors the whole atmosphere on Rame Peninsula. If Matt works – which thoroughly happens – it’s not only the view that’s absolutely stunning. From here you have a fantastic view on the bay and the endless sea, but also on a good piece of food. The locals love this place as much as The Devonport Inn – however, hence it’s up on the cliffs, it is a little harder to reach.

Breakfast model kit

On the very place, where dog and human meet on the promenade to drink their morning coffee, there is the Old Boathouse. (Or do they meet there because of the Old Boathouse? That’s a typical chicken or egg question!) Inside they serve tea and coffee, which the guests can take outside to the cosy benches near the water. That is the place where one makes plans for the day or just praises its beauty. (If it does contribute to this attribute, if not: silence is also golden!) Inside one can order traditional English breakfast. For each ingredient like „baked beans“ or „toast“ one pays 50 pence. You can also order American pancakes or different lunch options.

Well – wanna know more about Cornwall and Eat Surf Live? You can buy the book “Eat Surf Live” on Amazon* (If you don’t know any German: The book will have loads of pretty pictures & design in it!).

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