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The Faces of Mauritius – A Story in Pictures of the beautiful Mauritius People

The pictures of Mauritius I had in my mind so far were beaches, palms, honeymooners, happy couples, love, peace and harmony. And to be honest: that sounded super boring. Sure: paradise and stuff. But what am I (single) to do there, where mostly happy couples spend the best time (?) of their life? Tell myself how much I love myself and bury my feet deep into the oh so fine sand? Well, not so sure about that…

And yes, sure Mauritius IS a honeymoon destination. BUT Mauritius has also so many other faces. I didn’t know that before. Mauritius is action, sport, adventure, vastness, mountains, culture, passion (and with that I don’t mean the passion of the honeymooners), fun and serenity. Stress? No stress. Mauritius is no stress, that’s what the people at the local market told me. The Mauritius people are happy people. And they are what impressed me most about Mauritius. They are polite and friendly and you kind of get the feeling they’re completely confident. Serene. Content. You can clearly see this in their faces.

Mauritius is a melting pot of cultures and religions. People live here, who once came from India, Africa, China and Europe. Before colonial time Mauritius was a real Robinson Crusoe island, no one lived there. After a turbulent history  everyone there lives in peace with each other nowadays. Hindus, Christians, Muslims and some Buddhists. They speak Creole, English, French and many different dialects from their countries of origin. As diverse they might be, they all have one thing in common: At heart the are Mauritians. And the heart of the Mauritian people is huge.

Let me take you on a trip through Mauritius. In pictures of the many faces of the Mauritius people

(Little tip – great effect: click on the pictures to dive even more into the heart of the Mauritius people!)

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Two more lovely faces I don’t have pictures of are the faces of my drivers from Tropicars and Mauritours. Especially Salva, who was kind of my lucky charm for the horse racing… Thanks for driving me around and bringing me luck!

Disclosure: This post is part of the MyMauritius campaign, created and managed by iambassador and AHRIM, in association with the Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority and Air Mauritius.

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