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Lost in Translation – Funny findings from Thailand

While traveling you’ll always find funny stuff lost in translation. I bet you all have seen weird translations on menus and I bet most of you found themselves standing in front of signs without any clue what’s written on it. (And sometimes you might even find some funny lost in translation stuff on this blog here, ehem).

In Koh Chang, between White Sand Beach and Kai Bae Beach there’s a really cool local market and there I found some shirts with really funny prints:

funny tshirts in thailand

I actually never understood the American dating system – but it seems it’s even more complicated than I thought… and the next shirt gives “Make love not war” a totally new meaning.

love is just war

I guess a real Ggangster knows how to show Kate Moss who’s boss.

funny shirts in asia

ggangster style

Fun fact: A real Ggangster obviously also can speak German and wants to buy a Volkswagen for 5.745 DM.

Ill show you who boss kate moss

I actually really liked the Kate Moss shirt but it actually was too ugly to buy.

Same goes for these two beauties in orange:

lustige tshirts in thailand

I love the idea that these shirts belong together. Like one shirt is telling the other: You’re just a letdown, another one of my mistakes. And the other ones replies with: You, I heart Home Fumisihing Style.

Yesterday I saw a woman wearing a shirt with “Cute Cat Lover”, next to it – for sure – an owl. I always knew owls are the cuter cats.

What was the most funny thing you’ve seen on your travels?

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