My Top 3 Travel Moments with Ryan Gosling

You know travel bloggers love memes. Well and some travel bloggers love… Ryan Gosling. That’s why Cailin O’Neil from and me had this fabulous idea… A RYAN GOSLING TRAVEL MEME!

Uh? Ryan Gosling? Well, yes, there are some stories I’ve never told you. For example about me and Ryan Gosling. Well, we have this thing going on. Actually I’m not supposed to talk about it. You know, PR and stuff, but hey, I bet you won’t tell anyone. RIGHT?

So here they are… my top 3 travel moments with Ryan Gosling:

1. Skydiving in Costa Brava

Yes, I was also surprised, but Ryan Gosling obviously is a skydiving instructor. Ever wondered why I was always telling people that I was not at all nervous when jumping out of that plane? Well, now you know the answer! I just thought, if I die, I will die in the arms of Ryan Gosling. Sigh. In Costa Brava. Sigh. Read the “true” story here and here.

2. Taking the night train from Bangkok to Chiang Mai

I was not a travel blogger back then. It was in April 2010 when me and my friend Susi were travelling in Thailand. The trip with the night train from Bangkok to Chiang Mai is still one of my favourite memories from this trip. Not only because we’ve met Ryan Gosling there but also because I enjoyed the view from the end of the train so much. That was a real “Mark Twain meets Thailand meets me”-moment. Or better: “Mark Twain meets Thailand meets me meets Ryan Gosling”-moment.

3. Staying in one of the sexiest hotels in Florida

Ever wondered who took the naked pictures of me in the Delano South Beach? Can you keep a secret? Yes, it was Ryan Gosling. He also travelled with me to all the other sexy hotels in Florida. But sssshhh. No one should really know that we’re still together!

But I’m pretty sure you also have one or two or even three travel moments with Ryan Gosling you want to share with us… So pump up your photoshop skills and tell the world the truth about you and Ryan Gosling! Hashtag is: #Goslingmoments

I nominate these three sexy ladies to show us their Ryan Gosling moments next:

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(If you have some George Clooney moments that’s ok too)

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