Raffle! Win one of three cool bags.

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It’s always the same. In the very last minute, when I actually should leave my apartment or I will miss my flight, exactly THEN – I normally start packing. I’ve never start packing the day before or at least some hours before I have to leave. Never. Ticking off my packing list looks like this: I’m running around my apartment, checking every corner if there’s something I really (don’t) need to pack and then I throw all these things in my bag. Yes, I often bring stuff I really don’t need and yes, I often forget to pack stuff. It’s always the same.

How about you? Are you organized when it comes down to packing or are you like me?

Either way: here’s a chance for you to optimize your packing-fun. You can win one of three really cool Crumpler bags.

1 Crumpler Jack Track Board Trolley (worth € 169)
1 Crumpler Jack Track Daytripper (worth € 119)
1 Crumpler Jack Track Board Backpack (worth € 159)
Crumpler TaschenAnd that’s how you can win:

Easy peasy: just tell me where you want to travel to with one of these Crumpler bags (and don’t forget to tick off the box in the rafflecopter app). (You can earn special karma-points by sending a pic of your old rundown bag to [email protected]). Other ways to maximize your chances of winning are for example liking my Facebook page, following me on Twitter and Pinterest or subscribe to my newsletter (that’s how you get some more tickets in the lottery wheel). Easy.

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If you’re looking for some ideas where you could take one of these Crumpler bags to, have a look at this video:


Disclore: This giveaway is brought to you by Crumpler

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