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From Salzburg with love

Don’t you like to receive postcards? To open the mailbox and find a colorful picture of a foreign country? Don’t you prefer to hold a small card in your hands instead of being awaked in the middle of the night by the vibrating alert of your mobile phone, showing you a pixellated image? Isn’t a tiny little elephant on a stamp way more beautiful than 17 different emojis on a display?

I think so. I love postcards. There are many of them in my apartment. Really. Others have special photographic wallpapers. I have postcards. Whenever friends of mine go for a trip abroad I often say good-bye with words like “You know my address, right?” or “Would you mind sending me a postcard?”. And after a while, when you already forgot about it, there’s a postcard in the mailbox. Sometimes I wonder if postmen read these postcards. Do they care about it? Are they allowed to read them? They miss the chance to read words like “I found the perfect beach for our wedding!”, “my abs need laugh therapy!” or the many many hearts and kisses Yvonne sends me all the time. Or do postmen prefer postcard pictures? Some color within a pile of grey envelopes.

In my opinion Salzburg is a picture-perfect city for postcard lovers. Are you looking for a suitable postcard picture for your grandmother, your aunt from beyond the sea or your cactus at home? Take a look at this:

The postcard for your grandmother:
“Dear granny, Salzburg is really beautiful. On this picture you can see the river Salzach and on the right hand side there is Hohensalzburg castle. The weather is nice and I like the food. Love, Johannes “
The postcard for lovebirds:
“Our love lock is still there! <3 <3 <3”
The postcard for art lovers:
“There’s a huge golden globe on the Kapitelplatz. And a man on top of it! That guy might have a great view!”
The postcard for your aunt overseas:
“Salzburg Marionette Theatre – behind the scenes! It’s awesome! xoxo”
The widescreen postcard:
“I love the panorama function! Take the elevator up to the museum of modern art to have this beautiful view!”
The postcard for your brother from other mother:
“Say hello to capital city of beer!”
The postcard for your parents:
“Lots of love from Austria! The weather is nice, the food is delicious and we do drink enough.”
The postcard for chocolate addicts:
“I tried to bring some Mozartkugeln along with me. Just for you. I tried.”

And last but not least the postcard for your sister who is in love with sunsets or alternatively for your cactus or yourself:



That would have been my postcards from Salzburg. Do you agree? Did I forget someone? Do you still prefer Whatsapp?


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