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Take me anywhere. But the question is: WHERE?

I need to get out of here. Just anywhere. This ongoing winter-thing is pretty annoying and the few sunbeams just helped to activate my hay fever but didn’t really do anything to make me feel better. And I do have some spare time in April. That’s why I’m thinking since days about just flying somewhere. Somewhere warm. Or maybe somewhere where it’s really really cold? Na, I wanna go to the beach. I mean to the mountains. I wanna travel somewhere I’ve never been. Or maybe Thailand? And celebrate Songkran there?

But maybe I should stay in Berlin. Enjoy the first warm days of spring and finally getting all these posts done I wanted to write since like ever. And find a new apartment? (EMAIL ME IF YOU HAVE A TIP!)

take me anywhere

I’ve created flight alerts on like every single flight search engine I know. To Bangkok, to Marrakesh, to Reykjavik, to Prague, to fuckknowswhere. And then again I’m thinking: Ohhhh, Zimbabwe would be interesting. Or France? I admit: I have no idea what to do. Where to go. I can’t make a decision. Yeah, I know: first world problem. And here’s your turn… I have at least one week, I could maybe do four weeks…


Any cool ideas? Any hidden spots? Leave a comment below or send me an email to [email protected]. Every single tip and help is highly appreciated.

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