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The Rabbit Quest Vol 2 – Of finding Adventures and Roads to Nowhere

Sometimes something is pinching me, twitching me and tickling me. Then I have to go. Quickly. Where? Doesn’t matter. Somewhere pretty. And then I don’t care at all what you should see there. Or do there. Just because somewhen someone said so. I just want to be there. And breathe. And feel. And see. And do. Sometimes you have to search for your own adventures. And sometimes they’ll find you. Then you’re suddenly sitting in a car, with good friends and music, and you’re on your way to find the giant rabbit in or around Berlin.

In the beginning there was: The Flemish Rabbit Quest

Thanks to the guys from Hejorama and lovely Miss Smaracuja for a wonderful day out of Berlin and thanks to Stefan from Kaffeeersatz for the hint with Groß Ziethen.

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