The savvy traveller’s travel checklist

When travelling, you probably pack the usual stuff – camera, passport, wash bag, underwear, clothes, shoes, money, first aid kit, and so on. However, preparing to travel for long periods of time requires a more considered approach to packing – you need items which are brilliant multi-taskers, are light, and are long-lasting and hard-wearing. There are also numerous items which you might never think to bring but, once you do, you’ll wonder why you’ve never thought of packing them before.

Behold, the travel travel checklist for savvy travellers:

Postcard and photos from home – Carrying around a postcard of your home town or city, plus a few photos of your family and where you live, will not only remind you of home and help battle homesickness but are a great tool when meeting new people. Being able to show new friends from around the globe where you come from when describing it to them is a brilliant ice-breaker.

Quick-drying travel underwear – Items of clothing which you wear on a daily basis need to be made from quick-dry fabric as you will be washing them constantly. Those crafted from breathable fibres will also keep you comfortable in hot weather. Women should consider packing sports bras for the same reason – they dry quickly, are breathable, and you’ll no doubt be fairly active during your trip so they’re incredibly practical.

Antibacterial liquid soap – You’ll get dirty. Fact. When travelling, you never know when you’ll have access to soap so it’s a good idea to carry your own supply around – you’ll feel cleaner, fresher and might just ward off nasty bugs. It also doubles as a great agent to clean your hiking sandals!

Dental floss – This may not sound like a particularly savvy item but dental floss can be used for so much more than just keeping your teeth clean and healthy. You can sew with it (great for patching up holes in your clothing, re-attaching buttons or repairing torn seams in a tent), hang wet clothes from it, use it as an emergency shoelace, cut food into thin slices, tie your hair back… there is no end to its uses!

Rubber doorstop – One of the stranger items on the list but wedge one under the door of your room and no-one will be able to get in unless they break the door down. A great way to maximise your safety wherever you rest your head.

Olive oil soap – Rich in vitamins and essential fatty acids, olive oil is fabulous stuff and olive oil soap is a brilliant multipurpose product – use it to wash your face, body, hair, and even your clothes.

Hopefully this list has given you ideas on how to pack as a savvy traveller. For a checklist which covers the essentials you need to consider both before and during your trip, take a look at the excellent Good2Go travel checklist.

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