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The Tale of the Drunken Animals in Africa

Ok, let’s be honest. I really hoped it would be true. Because somehow it would have been really funny. And cool. And I was really looking forward to seeing this. But, as often with stories, which sound toooo good to be true, it’s not true. Too bad. WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?

Oh, ok. I see. Let’s start again. Once upon a time there was this girl (yes, I’m talking about me) who was invited to South Africa by a well known cream liqueur. Marula, Marula, Marula, uhm. What was that story again? Wasn’t it..? Yes, it is, that’s the fruit all the animals get drunk from. No shit! Have a look at it yourself:

This will be awesomesauce. And we’re going to be there right for the harvest season? Perfect! We (slightly boozy from drinking to much cream liqueur) are going to see the animals (slightly boozy from eating too much Marula fruits). This sounds fuuuuuun. I can already see the funny video…

But uhm. Nope. All wrong. On the one hand harvest season was nearly over when we arrived (so no chance watching animals in the wild eating the Marula fruits) and on the other hand… it’s simply not true.

marula Big five south africa

What? Wait! What is not true. Don’t the animals eat the Marula fruit? Oh yes, they love it. But they don’t get drunk by eating it. Honestly. You want proof? Read this. Yes, the stories about the drunk animals are old. But, there is no proof this has anything to do with the Marula fruit, maybe all the story tellers just loved this story. And it’s true that they use the Marula fruit to produce alcohol like beer and Amarula. And if you drink to much of this you will be drunk. True story. I tried it.

So how do the animals look like in South Africa, completely sober? Check out this video (incl the BIG FIVE):

Disclaimer: Amarula invited me on this trip. And yes, they gave me lots and lots of alcohol.

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