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39 Things I Learnt From Travelling In 2014

2014 was a good year, maybe even one of the best ones so far. I’ve done a few amazing things and some stupid things. I’ve seen a lot and I learnt a lot. These are the things which come to my mind when I think about 2014:

  1. Making plans is useless, things never turn out the way you expect (but I already knew that)
  2. Travelling on your own is amazing and I need this
  3. Diving is my happy place
  4. I’m not afraid of sharks
  5. There is the perfect beach
  6. When three girls are sitting on the beach and calling each other “assholes” they might love each other a lot


  1. Namibia and Mongolia have more in common than I thought
  2. You don’t need a GPS in Namibia
  3. I love city trips, especially when I’m travelling solo
  4. I fancy fancy cars
  5. It doesn’t look too stupid when I’m singing in the car
  1. Bavaria is okay as long as I don’t have to go to Munich
  2. I still don’t really know how to ski but I do kinda like that Aprés-Ski thing
  3. I like pretty snow
  4. I like deserts (and dessert)
  5. You shouldn’t put a suitcase behind a car, unless you remember to take it with you

ich und der s1Read about the suitcase story here.

  1. A lot of people think it’s interesting, that I do love Brandenburg
  2. Skydiving isn’t as boring as I thought
  3. Although I haven’t been sick in years it can happen
  4. And sadly this also involves sea sickness
  5. Scotland makes me cry
  6. Paris is still beautiful
  7. Burning Man is kind of weird but in the same time amazing, that’s why I want to go there again
  8. Sometimes a person I called a douchebag before turns out to be actually a cool guy
  9. Mud masks from the Dead Sea are fun

Totes Meer Jordanien

  1. Sometimes friendships are changing and some stay forever
  2. I can live without Paul (my beloved Lupo who chose a gearbox damage over me)
  3. Sometimes I want to hide in my comfort zone and that’s okay
  4. To say no and lose money because of this is a lot of fun, when you can afford it
  5. German villages are amazing
  6. There are still people out there who surprise me
  7. Myself included
  8. You can be chicken-hearted and an adventurer at the same time
  9. The italy bagel in the Marktschenke in Tübingen still tastes as good as it has ten years ago

tuebingen neckarfront winterTübingen is the most beautiful place in Germany (IMO)

  1. Nuremberg is cooler than I though
  2. It’s the small things, I love about travelling
  3. Yahoo Travel thinks I’m a real person and you should follow me on Instagram
  4. Sometimes you need a break to get back energy for new stuff
  5. There’s no place like home. Sometimes.
What did you learn from 2014?

*Inspired by the beautiful Sophie from Saints on a Plane

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