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7 travelous things to do in Boston

You’re thinking about a trip to Boston? Then we have some cool places and things to do in Boston for you that will make your trip to Boston even more fun.

1. Rooftop Bar on top of the „Envoy Hotel.“

Relaxed atmosphere, good music, and a beautiful view of the Skyline of Boston – there is a reason why the Rooftop Bar of the „Envoy Hotel“ was voted as one of the Top 10 Bars in the US. Extra cool: during the winter months the terrace is converted into an igloo landscape, which creates an entirely different atmosphere for your sundowner.

2. Coffee tasting at the Godfrey Hotel

You probably heard of wine tasting or even did one before. But have you heard of a coffee tasting? Even if you are not a coffee fan – you will probably become one after the coffee tasting with George Howell. Not only because of the different coffee sorts, but also because of the incredibly cool location at the Godfrey Hotel.

3. Mass MoCa

If you have the time you should definitely also visit the area around Boston. About 2 hours away from Boston you will find the Mass MoCA, the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art in North Adams. Back in the days, this building was used as a cotton factory, nowadays you will find modern art in this beautiful industrial looking building. The art installation of Nick Cave (who of you actually knew, that he is also an artist?) is especially impressive, not only because of its size. If you would like to stay a little bit longer in North Adams I can recommend you the „Porches Inn“. The building of the hotel was actually used as a home for the workers, who worked in the cotton factory, which is the Museum nowadays.

4. Tavern Road

Would you like to get in touch with the scene neighborhood „Boston Downtown Seaport“? Then you should definitely visit the restaurant „Tavern Road“. The two owners combine Italian cuisine with modern culinary art. Your meal will be served similar to Tapas, so everyone is eating something from each others plate. What do they serve at the Tavern Road? Things like lobster risotto or caramelized broccoli. Yummy! Note: You should book a table in advance if you would like to eat at the Tavern Road restaurant!

5. Red Socks / Fenway Park

The Red Socks are probably not only known by Baseball Fans. The team is one of the most famous Baseball Teams in the US and if you are visiting Boston you should definitely visit Fenway Park! But sadly it is extremely difficult to get tickets for a game, and even if you get some they can easily cost up to 400$. Still want to visit the Fenway Park Stadium? You can do that by doing the VIP Tour around the stadium, which you can book through the Fan shop of the Red Sock. You will probably never get as close to the playing field and at the same time, you are learning a lot about the legendary stadium.

6. Movie Tour

The city Boston is famous and really popular (thanks to their tax discount for film productions) as a film location for many American movie productions. For example movies like Ted or Manchester by the Sea were filmed in Boston and the area around it. During the movie tour, you not only get to see the different film locations, but you also see Boston from a whole new viewpoint.

7. Boston Symphony Orchestra

Particularly during the summer time, you should visit the world-famous Boston Symphony Orchestra. During this period they put tables where you can have a snack during the concerts. Overall the atmosphere in summer is much more casual and most of the time the orchestra is playing film music or Jazz music.

Have you been to Boston? What are your favorite things to do in Boston? Leave your tipps for Boston in the comments!

Disclaimer: JUST travelous was invited to Boston by airberlin.

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