Yes, We’re Funny – Things You Need To Know About The Germans

If  the sentence “You can say you to me” makes sense for you, you should check this. If not… well, hello to “Germany 101”!

First of all: We’re not ALWAYS drinking beer and we’re not wearing Lederhosn and Dirndl (some Bavarians do). And we DO have a GREAT sense of humour! But there are a few things we do, which could confuse you…

St. Peter and the “Wetterfrosch”


The Germans always complain about the weather. And we blame St. Peter or the weather frog for it. Yes, the weather frog. Nowadays no one really believes that a frog can forecast weather but in former times they put a frog into a jar with a small ladder and when the frog climbed it, they thought the weather will be good. That’s why we still talk about the “Wetterfrosch” and what he’s probably doing. If he’s sleeping or… you get the picture.

Call me on my “Handy”

Yes, we call our mobile phone “Handy”. No one really knows why. There’s also “Mobiltelefon” which is the same like “mobile phone” so it would have been obvious to use “Mobil”, but we do use “Handy”. Well and isn’t a mobile really handy? Oh and talking about phones… when we answer the phone we first say our name and then “hello”.

I can’t get rid of this ear worm!

I really hate when I do have a ear worm, but it happens OFTEN. And mostly it’s an ear worm I really HATE. No, this is not a tropical typical German disease. You also do have ear worms. 98% of people have it once in a while. You call it: “to have a song stuck in your head”, we call it “Ohrwurm”. (Oh and btw: The song “The Final Countdown” is NOW playing in your head. SORRY)

I press my thumbs that you get away with a blue eye!

Oh yes, besides our ear worms we say a lot of things in a different way but with the same meaning. We do not keep our fingers crossed, we press our thumbs. We don’t get a black eye but a blue one. When we’re in love we’re on cloud seven not nine. And while you’re pushing up the daisies we’re watching the radishes from the bottom up.

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