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This is Berlin for me. On some days.

Berlin doesn’t welcome you with open arms. Berlin doesn’t suck you in, like Bangkok does. Berlin is just there and doesn’t care if you live here or not. In the same time Berlin is demanding like no other city. But Berlin doesn’t expect anything from you but for you to be yourself. And if you accept this and switch from the veil of illusion to the grimace of reality, Berlin will love you. And will give you everything this city has to offer. But not on a silver platter. You have to get it yourself.

tvtower Berlin

I was 18 the first time I’ve been to Berlin. Memories are fading but I still do remember how I told myself that I will live here one day.

Meanwhile I live in Berlin since nearly three years and there’s no other city in this world I feel closer to myself. It wasn’t always easy and I know there will be hard times again. But right now Berlin is the place where I belong in this world. And I can’t imagine this to change anytime soon.

Berlin is different. For everyone. Every day.

This is Berlin for me. On some days.

And as versatile as Berlin can be is its soundtrack:

What is Berlin for you?

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