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To tell or not to tell – The secrets of a travel blogger

There is a bar in Berlin so perfect I would love to live in there. And there’s this beach in Thailand, so beautiful, quiet, lonely and, well, perfect. I know where you can get the best “Café con Leche” in Ibiza and where to watch naked hippies dancing at sunset. I know. But I will never tell.

Why I don’t want to tell you about these places

There is this moment in “The Beach” which ruins everything. It’s the moment when Richard gives a copy of the map to these two American students. Maybe even before, when Richard gets the map from Daffy. This is the beginning of the end of “The Beach”. And don’t get me even started talking about the real “The Beach”, named Maya Bay on Koh Phi Phi.

It was in June 1980 when “Cafe del Mar” opened in Ibiza. Back then it was an “insider-tip” where to watch the best sunset on the island, listen to good music and have a good time sitting on the stones next to the water. Nowadays you have to be happy to find a spot, you pay A LOT (I think it was about 7€) for ONE beer and to be honest, I know better places to watch sunset in Ibiza.

What happened?

People talk. They are proud when they know about an “insider-tip”. And yes, some people do earn their money with places like Cafe del Mar and WANT other people to talk about it. And there are people, who’s job it is telling other people this kind of stuff. Travel writers, travel journalists, travel bloggers. But I think some places need to be kept secret. Because otherwise it’s the beginning of the end. More people go there. More and more media will report about it. MORE people go there. And then, in most cases, the places are not the same anymore. The x factor they once had is – POOF – gone. And then the hunt begins again. Where to go next? Does anyone know about a place no one knows about? And then again. What once was a perfect secret place will be turned into a – well, something else.

The secrets of a travel blogger – The ironic part of the story

Yes, I do have a travel blog. And I’m happy to share “insider-tips” with you. I want you to go “off the beaten path”. And yes, I’m also always on the hunt for new places, untold stories and yes, I was pissed when I’ve been to this new cool club in Berlin and I wasn’t allowed to take pictures in there. I want to tell you some secrets. Some. But not all.

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Do you tell all of your friends about your favourite places? Would you write about it?

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