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Why I actually don’t like the actual act of travelling

The alarm clock rings. Coffee, shower, packing my bags, taxi. Am once again too late. Baggage drop off, I’ve already checked-in. Cigarette. Security. One bag, put out the liquids, boarding pass next to it. Next bag, laptop out. Stop. Wait. Ok, you can go now. Nodding. Belts are so 2010. Where’s my gate? Sitting. Waiting. People watching. Ready for boarding. As always, everyone stands up way to early to sit earlier than everyone else just to stand longer than everyone else. Excuse me, may I? This is my seat. Who’s sitting next to me? Dear God, please don’t let this be one of these armresttackers. Checking emails one last time. Would you please turn off your phone? Sure. Starring out of the window. I always have a window seat. Not only because of the view, but you also have something to lean on. Good for sleeping and stuff. My eyes are heavy. Usually before take off. I doze off. Wake with a start. Did I miss the food? Ham or cheese?

Long distance? I may check out board program. One movie, then another. Both boring and I end up with Friends, as always. My legs are hurting. How do people who are taller than me handle this? I never fly Economy again. Well ok, for short haul. Or to save money.

Staring out the window again. Shall I take a picture? I fall asleep again.

“Please remain seated.” Zack, the first seat belt to clack. Mine too. Yes, my phone is already turned on. Everyone is standing again. I stay seated. Guys, come on, you have to wait for your baggage anyway. One after another they roll round. Where’s my bag? Shock! WHERE’S my bag? Ah, there it is. Zack, boom, yes I know it’s huge.

As always nervous smile at the custom, although I have nothing to declare. At least not in this way.

Exit, breathe. Where are my cigarettes. Ah, good.

Now let the real travelling start. Didn’t I look good this morning?

I do not like it. Not really. It is tedious, exhausting and boring. Travelling. The actual act of travelling. The journey is the reward? Not for me, darling. I just want to be somewhere else not to travel there. Oh I could use the time useful? Excuse me? Sleeping, working, reading? I can do this so much better at home without annoying people next to me. The worst part is W A I T I N G. Transfers. Delays. Whether by plane, train, car or boat. It is exhausting. There’s a reason why I am an unpunctual person. Yes. So I never have to wait.

And actually, I’ve been waiting for years that finally someone invents beaming. I’ve also been considering exactly how this could work. How you could beam yourself to specific places and how not to others (bank vault) (although this also could be very interesting). I’ve developed a system. I would love to tell you more about it. Maybe during the next flight.
Beaming, that would rock so much. You wouldn’t need to pack your bag because you could beam back to your closet every morning. And the annoying part of travelling? GONE. Yay. And the REAL travelling could be a happy land of wonders. Without the actually unpleasantly actual act of travelling.

How are you dealing with this?

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