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Nuremberg. The first things you’ll probably think of now is Nuremberg Rally, Nuremberg Trials and Nuremberg’s Christmas market. And for sure Nuremberg sausages. And then? Do you think a weekend in Nuremberg can be really cool? With trendy cafés and hip shops? No? I say: YES! Nuremberg has more to offer than its history and mulled wine and sausages. I’ve spent a weekend in Nuremberg and checked out the cool sites of this city. And guess what: I found A LOT! Nuremberg can (at least at some spots) be as cool as Berlin. Especially the Gostenhof neighbourhood is really cool. But you can also find some cool spots in the rest of the city.

→ My ultimate guide to cool things to do in Nuremberg, if you’re not looking for the typical tourist sights ←

Cafés and Pubs in Nuremberg

Café Mainheim

Nuremberg Café Mainheim

Café Mainheim is a chic but not too-chic café, it looks a bit like your mum came into a hipster living-room-café and cleaned up a bit. Besides the yummy homemade cake you can order food from a daily changing menu. But the Mainheim is not only a café it’s also a bookstore, where you’ll find everything a hipster heart loves about art, architecture and design. And sometimes they even have live music.

Café Mainheim

Café Wohlleben

Nuremberg Café Wohlleben

My favorite of all cafés in Nuremberg I’ve been to. Cozy, rustic, yummy. Wohlleben is especially well-known for its cakes, Sundays it can happen that you have to wait in line to get a piece, as so many people might have had the same idea. I’ve only tried the coconut-passion-fruit-cheese-cake (just let this word melt in your mouth), but that one was sooo good, I still have the taste of it on my tongue. And if ALL the cakes are as good, well then: hats off.

Salon Regina

Nuremberg Salon Regina

Salon Regina is kind of like hipster-central in Gostenhof, if you’re male and not wearing a beard, a beanie and some cool tattoos you will definitely stand out. Some say here you’ll find the best Currywurst in town, if that’s true than Nuremberg here is as Berlin as it could be. Including the slightly grumpy waitress (at least the one I’ve met there).

Zeit & Raum

Nuremberg Zeit und Raum

Zeit & Raum calls itself the “living room of the old town”, as I haven’t seen any cozier cafés in the old town I take this as granted. I think it’s a bit too big as a living room, there are many different rooms with different interior and this diversity you can also find in the description of Zeit & Raum, on one hand it’s a French restaurant, then it’s also a fondue restaurants and on Sundays they have Eurasian brunch. Kind of confusing me thinks. But the brunch was really good. Better book a table as it can be really crowded on Sundays.

Schanzenbräu Schankwirtschaft

Nuremberg Schanzenbräu

The Schankwirtschaft (pub) of Schanzenbräu reminded me a lot of a Berliner restaurant. It’s interior is rustic and the food is really good. Here you’ll get every traditional food you need to try when visiting Nuremberg. And they also have a cozy beer garden.

Shopping in Nuremberg


Nuremberg Senfgelb

Senfgelb is a true treasure chest of jewelry and accessories. It’s all homemade by its owner Marina, mostly using pottery. You can also buy some of her photographs as postcards. And as many people tried to buy the interior too she now just opened a new store with vintage furniture.


Nuremberg Flex

flex! was one of the very first cool shops in Nuremberg, it opened five years ago and here you can find especially furniture, lamps and accessories from the 30s to the 80s. It’s only open on four days a week but you can have a look at their Facebook page to check out the latest highlights they offer in store.


Nuremberg 14,80

If you’re in love with vinyl, you will adore 14,80. They have over 10.000 records from all different genres. If you’re looking for cool stuff for your apartment you can find a lot of hip lamps in there too.


Fachmarie Nuremberg Fachmarie

Fachmarie is the perfect shop for you, if you’re looking for a birthday present but you have no idea what to buy. Here you’ll definitely find inspiration. The shelves are mostly rented by local artists who sell their homemade products.

Backyard flea markets

backyard fleamarketflea market Gostenhof

If you love flea markets you’re gonna also love the backyard flea markets in the different neighbourhoods of Nuremberg. Yes, there you’ll find a lot of trash, but if you look closely you can also find a lot of bargains. Here you can find all the different flea markets in Nuremberg.

Street art in Nuremberg

Nuremberg Street artNuremberg streetart

To find good street art in Nuremberg is really hard. Best is to get lost completely then your chances are high to find some nice murals.

Hotels in Nuremberg

Design Hotel Vosteen Design Hotel Vosteen

I’ve stayed at Design Hotel Vosteen in Nuremberg and I really loved it. Especially as I love time travelling and in Vosteen you get a glimpse of how it must have been to live in the 50s. It’s hidden in a side street and sadly not in my favourite neighbourhood Gostenhof, but besides this it’s totally amazing.

What else can you do in Nuremberg?

Nuremberg Dürer

If you haven’t been to Nuremberg before you definitely have to stroll around the old town. At the “Beautiful fountain” (yes, it’s really called like this) you can find a golden ring, if you spin it three times it will grant you one wish.

Nuremberg Beautiful Fountain

All addresses and some more things to do in Nuremberg you can find on my Nuremberg list on foursquare.

Have you been to Nuremberg before? Do you think it’s a cool city? Anymore cool things to do in Nuremberg to add?

Disclosure: I was invited on this trip by the city of Nuremberg. Some links are affiliate links.

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    • Yvonne

      If you love Berlin and Munich then you’ll definitely also love Nuremberg! It’s as pretty as Munich but as cool as Berlin (if you know where to go) 😀

  1. Yep, the Trials are what I always think of. Sad really when the city has so much to offer.

    Your photos are gorgeous, by the way, and have definitely given me a few places to check out the next time I manage to make it back there. It’s actually one of my favorite places as the ‘vibe’ is so nice.

    Thanks for this 🙂

  2. Natalie Veronika

    Du hast was vergessen: Das Hot Tacos!
    Das ist ein (sehr) kleiner Imbiss in einer Seitenstraße in dem man mexikanische Küche bekommt.
    Ich kenne so etwas sonst nicht. Bisher habe ich Mexikanisch nur in Cocktailbars (meistens Ketten) gegessen. Das ist auf jeden Fall etwas anderes und ich esse immer dort wenn ich in Nürnberg bin.
    Das Personal ist nett und ein bisschen vercheckt 😉 Wenn man keinen frischen Koriander mag, sollte man das sagen!
    Natalie Veronika

  3. The Troedl Weinstuben at the Troedl Markt is like stepping into the past. Fantastic Frankenwein in an ancient building with furniture to match. Candlelit rustic wooden tables. I love this place.

  4. Hi Yvonne,

    Me and my partner are traveling to Nuremberg this weekend and would like to get some tips and recommendations on where to go, what to do, cool stuff to see and affordable. It would be great to hear back from you.

    Many thanks,

  5. You compare these places with Berlin but so far from reality. Well, maybe with Berlin Mitte Touristik places

  6. I agree with you . This blog is so many beautiful and frantastic imagination and picture . Thanking you . I appreciated for u helpful advice . Great Post keep sharing more such Posts .!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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