Life’s journey is not to arrive at the grave safely in a well preserved body. But rather to skid in sideways, totally worn out, with a beer in one hand, shouting: “Whohooo, what a ride”!

Yvonne Zagermann Reisebloggerin justtravelousIf you want to live your life like this and if you want to know how it is to travel the world and having fun while doing it, then JUST travelous is the perfect travel blog for you.

I would call myself a chicken-hearted adventurer. And yes, that’s a thing. I’m not super brave, but I’m curious. So even if I cry like a baby before doing adventurous stuff – I still will do it in the end. I kind of HAVE to do it. How would I find out otherwise how it feels like?

“What have I gotten myself into?” is a sentence I say nearly on a daily base. So what have I gotten myself into?

I travel the world since I quit my job as a TV journalist in 2010. And yes, now I earn my money while travelling. Kind of. When I’m not falling off a camel in Oman or getting a magic tattoo by a monk in Thailand, I’m probably sitting on my couch in Berlin. In my pyjamas. I promise I will surprise you with unique experiences, which will show you the world from a different angle. Combined with tips and some videos. Like that? Then I guess we have a deal, right?

Good girls go to heaven. And yes, bad girls go everywhere.

Since I love to travel, EVERYWHERE seems to be a much better promise than just ONE place. Sure heaven is on my bucket list. But there is so much to see till then.

That’s the way I wanna live. That’s the way I wanna travel. That would be just travelous to me. So follow me on my way to travelosity.

Be travelous!



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