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Why no one never ever should visit Brandenburg

Sometimes I catch myself at thinking, even sometimes at the most beautiful places in this world: “Why can’t it be like Brandenburg?”. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think every place on this earth should look like Brandenburg (although some places would benefit from this), I just think sometimes it would be awesome if more places in this world would be like Brandenburg. (And if you have no idea what Brandenburg is, check out this)

Brandenburg 1

Brandenburg is the view on the left side when the guide is telling you to look on the right side. Brandenburg is that piece of pizza, you really can’t eat anymore. The middle seat on planes. The orange (replace orange with a color of your choice) gummy bears. Mondays after a long weekend. The single colored sock.

brandenburg allee

Brandenburg is like all the stuff, no one is really interested in. Do you even know where to find Brandenburg? And if, is it interesting at all for you, when you know that Berlin is so close? There are songs about Brandenburg, that you need to bring food when travelling through Brandenburg and that there’s nothing going on at all.

But that’s exactly what I love about Brandenburg. Yes, it’s true, sometimes it takes hours to find an open restaurant and yes, there’s not much going on there.

Andi Ferienwohnung BrandenburgSometimes the holiday apartments in Brandenburg are called Andi 2 and Andi 4

Brandenburg is in a deep sleep. Right now, Brandenburg is the view on the left side, when everyone is looking on the right side, and that’s why you often get Brandenburg for yourself. And if you do look on the left side you’ll find out that Brandenburg is a sleeping beauty.

See Gut Klostermuehle

They lonely avenues, the hidden lakes, the romantic villages. You get a fairy tale place not many people know about. And that’s what I love about Brandenburg.

I fell in love with Brandenburg years ago and every time I visit Brandenburg I discover new places. Sometimes I tell my friends about it, sometimes I tell you all about it. Like this one time I drove with the girls to Königs-Wusterhausen. Or this other time when we tried to find the biggest rabbit in Brandenburg. Brandenburg never disappoints me. Every time it’s like a little adventure, as often we just drive there, without specific destination. Will we find this time an even better lake? Where will we get something to eat? Will there be connection on our phones?

Road Trip Brandenburg

Last time we found pretty cool places like the Scharmützelsee, where we’ve slept in Andi 2 and 4. Or beautiful Gut Klostermühle, which is really a hidden paradise.

Fahrradfahrer Brandenburg

In Brandenburg you’re sometimes looking for something and you’ll find something else. And the other way round. And most times, you won’t see any other people. And that’s how it should stay. Kind of. And that’s why no one never ever should visit Brandenburg. Yes, I’m pretty selfish there. But, between you and me: yes, Brandenburg is beautiful and if you ever get the chance to visit Brandenburg: do it! But just don’t tell to many people about it.