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Malta is...

Video: Malta is…

Five days are actually not enough to explore all sides of Malta, especially when you’re lying in bed on two of them like I did (bad bad inner ear infection! Yuck!). But I gave my best to discover as many facets of Malta as possible. And Malta is not only balconies or Game of Thrones filming locations, Malta is scenic fishermen’s villages, narrow streets, friendly people, beautiful landscapes and for sure: yummy food. Malta is… more! If you want to […]

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Scotland. Or: How to find your inner calm

I always knew that I wanted to travel Scotland and I also knew that I will love it. But I’ve never expected what really happened with me in Scotland. It started on the eve of the second day. I was sitting on the waterfront of Loch Linnhe and the slowly setting sun painted the whole surrounding in a soft, kind of magical light. And all of a sudden I felt a lump swelling in my throat. I tried to swallow […]

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To Paris… with one million!

“Do you collect hearts?” A normal question when shopping in a German supermarket regarding the usual reward points you get there and normally I smile diffidently and say “no”. But what if someone comes around the corner and ask you “Do you want to have one million reward points?”. The answer would be the same for all of us I guess. And exactly this happened to me. The lovely people from IHG Rewards Club gave me one million reward points […]

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Liking is SEXY!


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