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Dream Jobs: How is it to live as a diving instructor in Koh Tao?

Not sure about you, but when I’m travelling I’m always thinking about, what I would do, if I wouldn’t do what I’m doing. Could I live somewhere in the middle of nowhere? Work as a waitress in Paris? Or as a diving instructor in paradise? In January I’ve met Elena in Koh Tao. She’s working as a diving instructor at Roctopus Dive, a dive shop in Koh Tao since 2011. I’ve done my advanced course with her and we had […]

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6 Travelous Reasons for a Curacao Vacation

When someone mentions Curaçao everyone thinks immediately about booze and Caribbean beaches. But, I have to disappoint you. First: I had no booze while I was travelling in Curaçao (ok, that’s probably because I don’t really like booze. I prefer Gin and Tonic. But that’s another story…) AND second… although there are some really beautiful beaches on Curaçao, if that’s the main reason for you to visit Curaçao, you will be disappointed. Well yes, Curaçao is a Caribbean island but […]

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Skiing in Tyrol. The one with me learning how to ski.

I was standing in the ski shop like a chicken in a ghost train. Nina was standing next to me looking equally distraught. HELP! What exactly are we doing here? Jam-packed with ski gear, one shoe on the foot, the other shoe in my left hand and at the same time holding poles, skis, gloves and helmet in the other hand. And neither hide nor hair of our ski instructor. Are we at the place we should be at? And […]

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