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Wadi Rum Jordan

Wadi Rum – On the people you meet in the desert on a Friday

“Hi, do you know what day is today?” “Friday” “Yes, Friday, that’s my name. Today is my name” He was all smiles. “Can I take your picture?” I laughed and thought it’s funny that he want to take a picture of me. When he showed me the pic I couldn’t really see anything. The phone was small and the sun was low. “You like it?” “Yes, I like it.” I wanted to be polite. Friday started to giggle. “Look, look. […]

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Petra Matt Long

Next stop: Jordan

There aren’t that many countries on my “I really have to go there no matter what”-list. India is one of them and Greenland and, well, Jordan. And in the very same moment while you’re reading this I’m on my way to Jordan! Yes. Nearly two weeks full of adventures (oh wait, I need to download this Indiana Jones whip app on my new phone! brb) (OH MY GOD, just downloaded the INDIANA JONES RINGTONE too!) Ok, back to work now. […]

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Scotland Eilean Donan Castle

Scotland for Beginners – My 5 Day Tour by Car

You want to travel Scotland but you have no idea where to start planning? I had the same problem before my trip to Scotland! That’s why I’ve asked for tips on my Facebook page and also asked some friends who’ve been there before. And I got some great tips, and I think my Scotland trip was the perfect tour for beginners! Scotland for Beginners – From Edinburgh through the Highlands to Inverness by car I think the best way to travel […]

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