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Why no one never ever should visit Brandenburg

Sometimes I catch myself at thinking, even sometimes at the most beautiful places in this world: “Why can’t it be like Brandenburg?”. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think every place on this earth should look like Brandenburg (although some places would benefit from this), I just think sometimes it would be awesome if more places in this world would be like Brandenburg. (And if you have no idea what Brandenburg is, check out this) Brandenburg is the view on […]

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is this the end of your comfort zone

The thing with the comfort zone

You all know these oh so inspiring quotes and memes, hurrying through the internet and promising you, that your life will be oh so great as soon as you get up off your butt. That there’s no life as long as you’re staying in your comfort zone. Or maybe your friends, parents, whoever, tell you all the time what you have to change in your life to make it like this or like that. And yes, every now and then […]

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raffle crumpler bags

Raffle! Win one of three cool bags.

It’s always the same. In the very last minute, when I actually should leave my apartment or I will miss my flight, exactly THEN – I normally start packing. I’ve never start packing the day before or at least some hours before I have to leave. Never. Ticking off my packing list looks like this: I’m running around my apartment, checking every corner if there’s something I really (don’t) need to pack and then I throw all these things in […]

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