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6 Best places to travel in February and escape Dutch winter for Digital Nomads

Whether it is your first or not, winter in The Netherlands is NOT a sunny walk in the park! I have lived in Amsterdam since 2018, and every year, I try to escape part of the winter: I always reach a point where I can’t take another rainy day anymore! In this post, I’m sharing my top 6 best places to travel in February and escape Dutch winter for both full-time Digital Nomad and short-time remote work.

Screenshot of weather app
We recommend 6 best places to travel in February to escape this forecast

Here are our 6 best places to travel in February to escape Dutch winter for Digital Nomads and remote work:

  1. Cape Town (Kaapstad), South Africa
  2. Lisbon, Portugal
  3. Cádiz, Spain
  4. Puerto Escondido, Mexico
  5. Weligama, Sri Lanka
  6. Kronplatz, Italy

One of the best places to travel in February for Digital Nomads that want it ALL:

Cape Town (Kaapstad), South Africa

View of Table Mountain from the street
Table Mountain

Cape Town (Kaapstad in Dutch) is South Africa’s oldest city and the first largest per population. Cape Town has it ALL: the beach, the mountain, the bursting city life, the history, the idyllic vineyards, etc. The climate of Cape Town is Mediterranean: not too hot in the summer, not too cold and rainy in winter.

Our top 3 reasons to choose Cape Town as one of best places to travel in February:
  1. Breathtaking views: Table Mountain, Camps Bay beach, or Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens; every day, something will mesmerize you. Imagine doing your Teams meetings or speak with other Digital Nomads while looking at Table Mountain’s view!
  2. Fine dining: I can’t lie; I had the best meals of my life in Cape Town (and I’m Italian!). And for a very affordable price. And the wine! The vineyards region (with Stellenbosch being the most famous destination) is just a 45-minute drive from Cape Town, perfect for a weekend away doing a wine tour. My favorite restaurants have been La Petite Colombe, Belly of the Beast, and Thali; make sure to reserve your table far in advance!
  3. Lifestyle: whether you are a Digital Nomads that wants to party, chill, or stay active, Cape Town has an option for all. While I worked remotely from there in 2021, I used to hike to Lion’s Head or attend a yoga class every morning before starting my work day (Cape Town is just one hour ahead in the timezone compared to Amsterdam). My go-to yoga studio in Cape Town is The Shala, while I like to go to Africa Padel when I want to play padel with friends. If, instead, you prefer to live the night and skip the mornings, there are also plenty of bars and clubs to choose from. Start your night with a nice drink (and some bites) at Kloof Street House and Tiger’s Milk.
Dinner appetizers at Thali
Selection of appetizers at Thali
Cape Town as one of best places to travel in February: for who is and who is not
  • Cape Town is for Digital Nomads who are looking for an adventure! Every day, there’s something new to visit, do, or try (shark cage diving, perhaps?). And the city’s vibe will make you feel like having a home away from home. 
  • Cape Town is not for those who need stable and reliable Wi-Fi at every moment. Due to the frequent power outages, it could happen that electricity (and therefore Wi-Fi) is not working for a few hours a day. However, a good solution is to work from one of the many co-working spaces (almost always have generators to keep the electricity running) or buy extra data sim cards and connect your laptops through hotspot. If you are looking for a good co-working space, try Craft+Graft on Gordon Street. 
People having a picnic at Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens
Enjoying a picnic at Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens
Where to stay in Cape Town, one of the best places to travel in February

Depending on what you look for! Camps Bay is an excellent choice if you like ocean views and a slightly posh vibe; Constantia is perfect for fine dining and walking in the nature; Woodstock is the up-and-coming neighborhood, trendy among creatives; and Hout Bay is the ideal location if you want some peace during the working week while still being 20 minutes car drive from the exciting city life.

View of Table Mountain from the loft window
View of Table Mountain from our loft apartment

One of the best places to travel in February for Digital Nomads looking for the Best-value option:

Lisbon, Portugal

Person walking by the entrance of a restaurant
Ready to walk our lunch off

Lisbon (Lissabon in Dutch) is the capital and largest city of Portugal. Located on the Atlantic coast, Lisbon has a Mediterranean climate with warm, dry summers and mild, rainy winters (but a piece of cake compared to Dutch winters). Being one of the oldest cities in the world, you can breathe history at every corner while having easy access to both the sea and the countryside.

Our top 3 reasons to choose Lisbon as one of best places to travel in February:
  1. Delicious treats: every time I go to Lisbon, I remind myself, “A pastel de nata a day keeps the doctor away!”. It might be a lie I like to tell myself, but certainly, life tastes better when I follow this advice. But there’s more to it: Lisbon is great for fish (my favorite dishes are cataplana de marisco and mariscada) and meat (my favorite is bifana), but there are also plenty of vegetarian options. Some of my favorite places in Lisbon are Dahlia and A Obra.
  2. Sun all year around: it’s not the Caribbean but with an average daytime temperature of 15°C, winter in Lisbon can easily be managed. Don’t forget, however, that nights can be pretty cold, so you had better bring a jacket with you.
  3. Location: Lisbon is right in the middle of the country, so you can reach many lovely destinations by car within a couple of hours. Sintra is one of my favorites, with its picturesque surroundings. If you are into surfing, check out Nazaré (and Ericeira) to see the biggest waves ever surfed.
Fish dish in a pan
Cataplana de marisco
Lisbon as one of best places to travel in February: for who is and who is not
  • Lisbon is for Digital Nomads who want to escape Dutch winter without traveling too far but still want to experience a little luxury. Lisbon is a great option also for those who wish to maintain the same routine as in the Netherlands but like to spend some time outdoors (instead of locked inside because of the weather)
  • Lisbon is not for those who don’t like to walk uphill. The city is built on seven hills, so bring your most comfy shoes and get ready to burn some of those pastel de nata. But if you are not worried about the calories and prefer to avoid breaking a sweat, you can still move around via tram or Uber for a very low price. 
Enjoy a glass of wine and olives and reading
Enjoying a break at A Obra
Where to stay in Lisbon, one of the best places to travel in February

When I travel to Lisbon, I usually stay in the area of Bairro Alto:

  • It’s central.
  • it’s very popular among other Digital Nomads.
  • There’s plenty of options for food & drinks.
  • It’s close to the waterside (so I can walk along the river during lunch or after work).
Nightlife in a bar in Lisbon
Nightlife in Bairro Alto

Alfama is an excellent choice if you are looking for amazing views and history. Try Príncipe Real if you prefer a more upscale vibe.

One of the best places to travel in February for Digital Nomads looking for a hidden gem to work remote:

Cádiz, Spain

People sitting at the beach with palms
Enjoying a sunny winter day on the coast

Cádiz is a Spanish city, capital of the Province of Cádiz, in the autonomous community of Andalusia. Located on a narrow slice of land surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, Cádiz is your typical Andalusian city, with the Old Town in the center and various Barrios surrounding it. You’ll be pleased to know the average temperature in the winter is 14°C and that the sun shines 3 out of 4 days.

Our top 3 reasons to choose Cádiz as one of best places to travel in February:
  1. Culture: have you ever heard about Carnaval de Cádiz (The Carnival of Cádiz)? It’s one of the most famous carnivals in Spain (I would say Europe), where the entire city participates and has a massive street party. Its main characteristic is humor, and Gaditanos (people from Cádiz) use this occasion to lighten up today’s problems through sarcasm, mockery, and irony. If you plan to stay in Cádiz in the winter, check out the Carnival dates (usually around February). 
  2. Water sports: do you enjoy windsurfing or sailing? Then check out Tarifa, just one hour from Cádiz, Europe’s most famous destination for windsurfing and has a relaxed and bohemian vibe.  
  3. People: there’s no better city than Cádiz to embrace the lifestyle “mañana mañana“. Everyone is very laid back and does not live by the clock. People from Andalusia are some of the most sociable, generous, and hospitable I ever met. 
Cádiz as one of best places to travel in February: for who is and who is not
  • Cádiz is for Digital Nomads who want to slow down: if you need a break from the thousands of social events and busy agenda of Amsterdam, hop on a plane and visit Cádiz. Remember the lifestyle “mañana mañana,” and for the time you spend there, learn how to roll with your day without being tied to time. 
  • Cádiz is not for those who look for luxury: the city is very down to earth, and you certainly find unique places to stay and have dinner, but it’s not a high-end destination. If that’s more your vibe, check out Marbella (just 2 hours away from Cádiz). 
Where to stay in Cádiz, one of the best places to travel in February

Stay in La Viña (the old fishing quarter) if you are looking for a barrio vibe, with tons of options for dinner and enjoy the nightlife. If you prefer something more historical, check out Barrio del Pópulo. At the same time, Barrio de San Juan is probably the most picturesque neighborhood in Cádiz.

Towers in historic center of the city
The view from the historic center
  • OMA Cádiz Apartments: a budget-friendly apartment located just 5 minutes away from the beach
  • Soho Boutique Cádiz: this central hotel offers rooms with desk and a great rooftop pool at a very reasonable price
  • Tandem Torres de Cádiz Suites: if your Digital Nomad job doesn’t require you to have a lot of space for a desk, this stylish studio is very central and offers a lovely rooftop bar and pool

One of the best places to travel in February for Digital Nomads looking for surfing & partying:

Puerto Escondido, Mexico

Beach and ocean view
Playa Bacocho

Puerto Escondido is a small town on the Pacific coast of Mexico, in the Mexican state of Oaxaca (one of the most southern states of Mexico). It’s one of the oldest tourist attractions in the region but not yet as popular and crowded as the eastern coast (Yucatán, for example). Still, there’s plenty to do and see in Puerto Escondido: the town is on the north side, but most hotels, bars, and restaurants are located along the coast on the south side, in Brisas de Zicatela. The climate of Puerto Escondido is tropical: high temperatures all year round, with a dry period from December to April, while the rainy season usually lasts from June to October.

Our top 3 reasons to choose Puerto Escondido as one of best places to travel in February:
  1. Large community of Digital Nomads: first time I went to Puerto Escondido I thought it was just a tourist location, for people wanting to surf and practice yoga. Instead, I found a buzzing community of Digital Nomads! Most people rent a room or apartment for a few months for a very honest price and work either from there or in one of the many cafes located by Zicatela Beach. 
  2. Lifestyle: it’s all about balance. The great thing about Puerto is that you don’t have to give up on anything: one night, you might want to chill, and the other, you might want to party, and Puerto can offer you both. If you want to spend an evening doing yoga or a mindfulness workshop, check out Jardín Ganesha, Marea Yoga Studio, and Barbarenas (some of my favorite studios). If you want to go out for a little boogie instead, ask around, and people will be happy to share what’s happening that night. I had lots of fun on Mondays at Cactus, Punta Origen on Thursdays, and Mombasa (any night!). And don’t forget to check out the BBQ at Punta Vida on Sunday night, also a great occasion to do some networking with other Digital Nomads! 
  3. Tacos’s paradise: I am not ashamed to say I had tacos every day while in Puerto! Mexican food is all great, but tacos are certainly my favorite dish: as a dinner or as a snack after a surf session; every day is tacos day! There are plenty of options: if you don’t mind doing the line and paying a little extra, you should get the famous shrimp tacos at Fish Shack La Punta (yes, the line and money are worth it), while if you look for something easier, then head from Zicatela up to the main road and go to Tacos de Don Paco (cheap, quick and absolutely delicious). In between, there are many other restaurants that can supply your daily dose of tacos.
Streetfood restaurant
Don Paco preparing his famous tacos
Puerto Escondido as one of best places to travel in February: for who is and who is not
  • Puerto Escondido is for Digital Nomads who love sunsets: you’ll see some of the best sunsets of your life! You can also enjoy the beach in the morning when la playa is very quiet, and there are only early birds catching the first waves of the day. 
  • Puerto Escondido is not for Digital Nomads tied to European work timing: Puerto is 7 hours behind compared to Amsterdam timezone, meaning you would have to wake up VERY early to work European times. And you don’t want to miss out on Puerto’s nightlife because of work. 
People at the beach watching the sunset
Sunset at the beach
Where to stay in Puerto Escondido, one of the best places to travel in February

Zicatela! Either Brisas de Zicatela if you want to meet new people and go out most days or the north side of Playa Zicatela if you are looking for a bit more peace but just 10 minutes away from the fun. I would avoid the town center, as it is not close to the beach and there’s not much happening.

People sitting in a bar and listening to live music
Thursday nights at Punta Origen
  • Real Juquilita: if you want to meet other Digital Nomads, this is your place! The pool area provides the perfect environment to meet people and you can set up your own little office on the rooftop. Extra point to the management, everyone working here is super friendly
  • Playa Bruja Zicatela: budget-friendly accomodation for a family, with outdoor pool and located in Brisas de Zicatela
  • Casa Shanti: amazing penthouse with ocean view and direct access to the sea
  • Posada Real Puerto Escondido: hotel located by the stunning Playa Bacocho, just in front of the Baby Turtle Release Centre

Mexico is very popular among Dutchies, so if you want to find the perfect accommodation in one of the 6 best places to travel in February, be sure to book in advance!

One of the best places to travel in February for Digital Nomads into yoga & mindfulness:

Weligama, Sri Lanka

people at the beach with surf boards and palms
Surfing in Weligama

Weligama is a town on the south coast of Sri Lanka, located in Matara District. It’s a popular tourist destination. However, it was impacted by the tsunami in 2004, which caused significant problems to the town’s infrastructure. Since then, the town has been rebuilt, and new and modern facilities are being built daily. The weather in Weligama is tropical, so it’s best to visit during the winter months when it’s windy and less humid.

Our top 3 reasons to choose Weligama as one of best places to travel in February:
  1. Yoga: there are many options to practice yoga in Weligama! Considering the proximity to India (home country to yoga), Sri Lanka (also known as the Jewel of India) has established itself as one of the best destinations to practice yoga and attend mindfulness retreats. Suppose India is too chaotic for you, but still would like to immerse yourself in practicing yoga. In that case, Weligama is the place for you! 
  2. Amazing wildlife: Weligama’s sandy beaches and outline into the Indian Ocean make it a great place to dive and snorkel. You’ll see marine wildlife such as blue whales, whales sharks, manta rays, parrot fishes, and others. That, and monkeys, of course!
  3. Affordable prices: due to the challenging political scene of the past couple of years, tourism has been a bit low, and the government is putting a lot of effort into driving more tourists into the country. Prices of accommodation and cost of living are very low (unless you look for high-end luxury hotels), and you can certainly find stunning accommodation for a very low price.
People doing yoga on a terrace
Cozy yoga classes on the rooftop
Weligama as one of best places to travel in February: for who is and who is not
  • Weligama is for Digital Nomads who can handle spicy food: get ready for some great curries, dahl, and samosas! The cuisine is very similar to India, but surprise, surprise: it’s spicier! Food in Sri Lanka is prepared with more hot chilies than in India, so get ready to have your mouth on fire! However, there are many alternatives (also many Western food options) if you are not into spicy food. 
  • Weligama is not for those who want to party every night: there are plenty of bars and restaurants, and chances to go out partying are not missing, but if you expect to be out every night until sunrise, then Weligama might not be the place for you. 
A cup of coffee and breakfast bowl on a wooden table
Enjoying a healthy breakfast
Where to stay in Weligama, one of the best places to travel in February

Weligama is relatively small, so you should not worry about picking an area based on the distance to its attractions. Note that Weligama is on a hill, so you can pick the accommodation based on your interests. If you plan to spend more time by the beach, you’ll have many options. If you would rather be out in the green nature, check out the accommodations along the river. Most coworking solutions are offered closer to the east side of the coast, so keep that in mind if you need a desk.

  • Soul & Surf Sri Lanka: boutique hotel located on a secluded little waterfront cove in Ahangama, offering many surf and yoga activities
  • The Palazzo: budget-friendly accomodation, but central and stylish
  • Dorian Guest House: another budget-friendly bungalow in a very central location
  • Lucky’s Surf Camp: right in front the beach, perfect for who wants to ride some waves every day

One of the best places to travel in February for Digital Nomads who are snowmads:

Kronplatz, Italy

Person skiing down a mountain
Our daily lunch break on the slopes

Kronplatz is a mountain (and the name of the entire holiday region) of the Dolomites in South Tyrol, on the northern side of Italy. It’s trendy among skiers and snowboarders in winter, and rock climbers and mountain bikers in the summer. The climate is continental, meaning warm in the summer and cold in the winter. If you want to enjoy the snow, the best time to visit is between January and March.

Our top 3 reasons to choose Kronplatz as one of best places to travel in February:
  1. Every day ski: who wouldn’t want to spend a couple of hours on the slopes before a working day? In Kronplatz, you could easily do that! Just be ready to hit the slopes as soon as they open, avoid the crowds, and be back on time for your first meeting of the day. 
  2. Après-ski: while you might not want (or not be able to) party every day, Kronplatz is great for Après-ski. Best to hang around Olang and Reischach (check K1 and Gassl), while St. Vigil and Piculin are quieter locations. 
  3. Location: not far from Amsterdam (12 hours drive by car or a quick flight away); Kronplatz is perfect if you want to avoid traveling far from Amsterdam and maintain the same time zone. 
Kronplatz as one of best places to travel in February: for who is and who is not
  • Kronplatz is for Digital Nomads who want to speed up their skiing practice: you’ll have a chance to dedicate more time than one week per year to improve your skiing skills and finally become a pro in one season!
  • Kronplatz is not for those who need extra Vitamin D after not seeing the sun in The Netherlands for a few months. 
Where to stay in Kronplatz, one of the best places to travel in February

If you are a beginner, it is best to find yourself accommodation close to Olang. If you are traveling instead with a bigger group and prefer to be closer to the town Bruneck or Kiens (just a few kilometers from Bruneck, but a little higher in altitude and therefore closer to mountain peaks and hikes).

  • Apartment Peskoller: sustainable apartment  in Falzes, with mountain views, a sun terrace, and free Wi-Fi
  • Alp Relax Guesthouse: stylish apartment located in Chienes, provides enough space for Digital Nomads to set up their work space and offer a wellness area!
  • Naturhotel Edelweiss: family owned hotel, perfect if you need some quiet place where to work and has a sauna and a Turkish bath to relax

Keep in mind that Kronplatz is one of the best places to travel in February because of ski season. Many accommodations might be booked with large advance, so double check with the properties to ensure their availability.

Some extra tips to make the most out of your travel

  • I feel the most disoriented when I arrive in a new country and don’t have a data connection, and you can’t really trust airport wifis. I used to buy a new SIM card as soon as I arrived at the airport until I realized there was a much more efficient tool: e-SIM cards! You can easily install them at home before leaving, and they will get automatically activated when you land in the new country. Check out Airalo for their plans.
  • Did you decide to visit one of our best places to travel in February and you want to rent out your apartment while travelling? Check our post Airbnb Amsterdam Regels for tips on what you can and can’t do according to Airbnb rules.
  • If you have escaped February in the Netherlands this year, there’s a high chance you’ll want to escape again next year and extend the time you work remotely. If you decide to make it a lifestyle and turn it into an entire Digital Nomad experience and escape winter once and for all, remember to check the rules and requirements for a Digital Nomad visa ahead of time.