Airbnb Amsterdam Regels (Rules) explained in 4 easy steps

Inflation has hit everyone hard this year so if you are looking for an easy side hustle to make some side income (bijverdienste); Rent out your apartment on Airbnb! We gained around €9,000 in extra gross income in 2022 and are well on our way to the same in 2023! We own a two bedroom and we were able to rent it out for an average of €350 per night for 30 nights.

The Airbnb Amsterdam Regels (Rules) are strict but they are easy to follow and explained below.

The Registratieplicht Airbnb description below is specific to Amsterdam. For Rotterdam, see details at this site Rotterdam Rules.

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Four Main Airbnb Amsterdam Regels (Rules) for your Short Term Rentals Amsterdam

  • 30 nights per calendar year maximum. You can only rent out your Amsterdam home for 30 nights per calendar year. This is strictly enforced and the municipality strictly monitors compliance. The fine for exceeding the number of permitted nights is subject to a fine of up to €11,600.
  • You can rent out to a maximum of 4 people at a time. Make sure your listing states it can only accommodate 4 guests.
  • You must notify the municipality of each holiday rental period in advance before your guests arrive.
  • Your guests may not cause any inconvenience to other residents.

Four-step Airbnb Amsterdam Registration Process

  1. Permit – Apply for a permit from the municipality of Amsterdam to rent out your home to tourists. The permit is temporarily valid until April 1st of the following year. In 2023, a permit costs €46.50. The city is very prompt and usually responds within a day. Amsterdam Holiday Rental Permit
  2. Registration – Apply for a registration number. This is free and it is automatically generated. This is the number that you will need to be able to list your apartment on Airbnb. Include the number in the description of your listing. Amsterdam Holiday Rental Registration
  3. Create your Airbnb Host in Amsterdam Listing – Set up your listing on Airbnb. The process is very simple and Airbnb will guide you through each step. You will need multiple photos of your apartment and a great description to attract visitors. Airbnb Host Amsterdam Link
  4. Report – When you rent out your apartment, you need to report it to the city through an online form. You will just need your permit number, your DigiD, and the number of nights the guests are staying. You will not need any details about the guests. Amsterdam Holiday Rental Reporting

Airbnb Tax Netherlands

Airbnb will collect the tourist taxes from the guests on your behalf but you will need to report the rental income on your annual tax return.

  • Rental income and deductible expenses
    • In your income tax return, you enter the total of the rental income, minus the costs you incur to rent out the house, then calculate 70% of the amount you enter. This is your income from temporarily letting of your home and will be taxed like regular income. 
    • Simple Equation: (Rental Income – Expenses) x 70% x Your tax rate
    • Example Costs to rent out the property are:
      • use of gas, water, and electricity by your tenant
      • costs for cleaning
      • costs for doing the laundry of the tenant
      • advertising costs for listing the property
  • For more information, check out the Netherland Tax Website on Holiday Rentals: Tax Website on Holiday Rentals

Airbnb Fines Amsterdam if Airbnb Amsterdam Regels (Rules) are not followed

  • When you advertise without a registration number, you may be fined €8,700.
  • If you do not have a registration number and you do not report the number of nights of a holiday rental in advance, you will be liable to pay a fine of €8,700.
  • You can be fined up to €21,750.

Other Airbnb Amsterdam Regels (Rules)

  • New 2024 Rule – The energy label for your apartment must be included in your listing!
  • Your home or houseboat must meet fire safety standards.
  • The house or houseboat must be your main residence. You must be registered as living at this address in the Personal Records Database (BRP) of the municipality of Amsterdam. All other residents referred to on the permit must also be registered at this address.
  • You may not rent out a property you rent from a housing corporation.
  • You may not rent out spaces outside your home or houseboat, such as summer houses, tents, or boats.

New 2024 Requirement – Energy Label

New rules for holiday homes came into effect in the Netherlands on January 1, 2024. The new rules oblige owners of recreational homes, such as hosts on Airbnb, to install an energy label in their home. Owners must also be able to send tenants a PDF with the energy label upon request.

Hosts on Airbnb are required to display their energy label on their online listing page.

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Living Room with kitchen and dining table in an apartment for rent via Airbnb Amsterdam Regels

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