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Best thing to do on a hot summer day in Berlin

Sun is tickling my skin and I close my eyes to drink in her smell. An ant scuttles across my arm and waves are pounding on the lakeshore. Summer arrived in Berlin. Finally. The city is seething and groaning and is vibrating full of zest for life. And we’re driving. Out of the city into the countryside. To Königs-Wusterhausen. Just because we like the sound of it. And we want to spend the perfect summer day at a lake around Berlin. At any of these. Somehow we will find one. There are so many. Hundreds of lakes around Berlin. To the right? To the left? Oh: Nixenweg (mermaids alley). That’s where we want to go. And then we’re sitting there at the Krüpelsee, of which we’ve never heard before.

Thanks to Nina Hüpen-Bestendonk and Kathrine Opshaug-Bakke for this wonderful day!