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Malta balconies – The beautiful highlight of Valletta

Welcome to Valletta, Malta’s capital city and a treasure trove of architectural wonders. One of Valletta’s most iconic features is the wooden Malta balconies that adorn its historic buildings. Join me as we step back in time and explore the fascinating history behind these charming structures.

A Brief History Lesson of Malta Balconies:

First things first – let’s delve into the history books. The story of Valletta’s wooden balconies dates back to the 16th century when the city was founded by the Knights of St. John. As the capital of the Order, Valletta underwent a period of rapid development, with grand palaces and noble residences springing up across the city.

Colorful wooden Malta Balconies line a busy street of stone buildings

The Rise of Wooden Malta Balconies:

During this time, wooden balconies became a defining feature of Valletta’s architecture. Crafted from intricately carved wood and adorned with decorative motifs, these balconies served both practical and aesthetic purposes. They provided a vantage point for residents to observe street life below while adding a touch of elegance to the city’s skyline.

Symbol of Status

In the past, the number and style of wooden balconies were indicative of a family’s wealth and social standing. The more elaborate the balcony, the higher the status of its occupants. Walking through Valletta’s streets, you’ll notice a diverse array of balcony designs – from simple and understated to ornate and opulent.

Preservation Efforts:

Over the years, Valletta’s architectural landscape has evolved, but the wooden balconies have remained a cherished aspect of the city’s identity. In recent times, efforts have been made to preserve and restore these historic structures, ensuring that future generations can continue to admire their beauty.

Colorful wooden balconies of green and blue line a busy street of cars and people in Malta

Exploring Valletta’s Balconies:

Now, let’s take a stroll through Valletta and admire some of its most striking wooden balconies. From the grand facades of Merchant Street to the quaint alleyways of Strait Street, each balcony tells a story of Malta’s rich cultural heritage. I highly recommend taking a walking tour of Valletta to learn all about the history of the city and see the highlights of the best Malta balconies. We also loved the Game of Thrones Malta highlights! We loved this one for Valletta:

Colorful wooden balconies in red, green and brown line a street of stone buildings

Must-See Streets of Malta Balconies:

– Casa Rocca Piccola: This 16th-century palace boasts a stunning collection of wooden balconies, offering a glimpse into the aristocratic lifestyle of the past.
– Palazzo Ferreria: Admire the graceful curves and intricate carvings of the balconies adorning this historic building, which once served as a noble residence.
– St. Paul’s Street: Wander down this charming thoroughfare and marvel at the array of wooden balconies that line the street, each with its own unique charm.


Valletta’s wooden balconies are more than just architectural features – they’re symbols of Malta’s rich history and cultural heritage. As you explore the streets of Valletta, take a moment to appreciate these elegant structures and the stories they tell. They’re not just balconies; they’re windows into the past, preserving the legacy of generations gone by.