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The Faces of Omani People – A Photo Essay

In my travels, it’s not the landscapes but the faces that linger in my memory – brief glances, sincere smiles, and captivating looks frozen in a click. Each face tells a story; sometimes, I am fortunate enough to share them here, and other times, they remain a private conversation between two strangers. Even if our paths never cross again, I take their faces onto my next travels.

My photos of the Omani people are primarily from the Muscat Festival. A festival is held in January / February each year to celebrate Oman’s heritage, culture, and beauty. It celebrates and promotes the authentic Arab traditions, dress, food, music, and life of the Omani People. I highly recommend it.

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These are the faces of Omani People, for me.

Young Omani girl in traditional dress looking into the camera

Girl at Muscat Festival

Omani Man in traditional head dress staring into the camera

Drummer at Muscat Festival

Two old Omani men sat outside of a house. They are sat on traditional external steps to most Arab houses

Two old men in Misfat

Young Omani boy staring into camera

Boy at corniche in Al Seeb

Tobacco seller in Muscat. Man with traditional headdress staring into camera

Tobacco seller at souk in Al Seeb

Incense seller in Muscat. Man with traditional headdress staring into camera

Incense seller at souk in Muscat

Old man sat cross legged on the ground with small basket in front of him. Man is holding prayer beads

Beggar near souk in Muscat