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Top 3 things to do in Stockholm

Actually I still have no idea what the “top things to do in Stockholm” are. The first time I’ve been there, well, I made some mistakes, and now, after the second time, I still haven’t seen everything one obviously should see in the Swedish capital. I didn’t go to Vasamuseum nor to the Nobelmuseum. But I’ve been to the brand-new Spritmuseum (Yes, it’s all about alcohol) and explored the (really cool) shopping scene in Stockholm.

But actually. Actually I just did one thing in Stockholm. I made the child in me happy.

children on swings happy with the quote from Toni Morrison in text across the bottom "If you wanna fly, you got give up the shit that weighs you down"

And let’s be honest. Does it really matter if you see the top sights in a city? The most important thing is to have fun. Well, and sometimes the child in me is calling me so loudly I often think someone else could hear it. Yvonne. YVONNE. YVOOOOONNNNEE. And then I say to myself: “Ok sweetheart, what do you want?”. And the child in me wanted to do this:

My favourite things to do in Stockholm

– Go to the Royal Palace and star at the guards and test how far one can go before you get deported from Sweden.

– Eat so much cotton candy in Gröna Lund until you feel sick and play the bugbear at the haunted house

– Take the ferry to Fjäderholmarna, buy yourself an ice cream and sit next to the water

And that’s what we did:
Have you been to Stockholm? What are your favourite things to do in Stockholm?