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Top 3 things to do in Stockholm (To be happy like a child)

Actually I still have no idea what the “top things to do in Stockholm” are. The first time I’ve been there, well, I made some mistakes, and now, after the second time, I still haven’t seen everything one obviously should see in the Swedish capital. I didn’t go to Vasamuseum nor to the Nobelmuseum. But I’ve been to the brand-new Spritmuseum (Yes, it’s all about alcohol) and explored the (really cool) shopping scene in Stockholm.

But actually. Actually I just did one thing in Stockholm. I made the child in me happy.

And let’s be honest. Does it really matter if you see the top sights in a city? The most important thing is to have fun. Well, and sometimes the child in me is calling me so loudly I often think someone else could hear it. Yvonne. YVONNE. YVOOOOONNNNEE. And then I say to myself: “Ok sweetheart, what do you want?”. And the child in me wanted to do this:

My favourite things to do in Stockholm

– Go to the Royal Palace and star at the guards and test how far one can go before you get deported from Sweden.

– Eat so much cotton candy in Gröna Lund until you feel sick and play the bugbear at the haunted house

– Take the ferry to Fjäderholmarna, buy yourself an ice cream and sit next to the water

And that’s what we did:
Have you been to Stockholm? What are your favourite things to do in Stockholm?

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