The Good, The Bad And Copenhagen


Copenhagen is a beautiful city. But expensive. Is it worth a visit? Yes. But here are some things you should know about Copenhagen.


Which would you like to hear first? The good or the bad news? The bad ones? Ok, well here they are:

  1. The Københavener. They are way too good looking. Even if you’re a Heidi Klum or Brad Pitt look-alike, compared to the Copenhageners you just look like the Hunchback of Notre Dame.
  2. The Traffic. Crossing a street in Copenhagen is quite similar to committing suicide. No car or bicycle would stop for a pedestrian. If you dare to cross the street at red light it’s about 99% sure you gonna be killed.
  3. The Weather. Summer is just like a summer breeze. The same moment when you notice it it’s already gone. If it’s a good winter you have one hour sun a day. And it’s cold cold cold.
  4. Nightlife. Everything is damn expensive. For a beer you have to pay about 6 Euro. A café latte costs up to 8 Euro. Dinner for two persons with one not so good bottle of wine will be from 50 Euro.
  5. Shopping. You see all these cool clothes and wanna buy something? Besides the fact that it’s also quite expensive you have to hurry cause shops are already closing at about 6 p.m..

You still wanna visit Copenhagen? Good choice! Cause here are 5 things that you’ll really love about Copenhagen.


  1. The Københavener. Besides that everyone is really good looking (and who doesn’t like to look at pretty people?) they are very friendly and humorous.
  2. The Traffic. Copenhagen is a city you can easily explore by foot. The public transportation is also very good and using the very modern subway, busses and water taxis will bring you all-around the city for about 3 Euro. Special Tip: ride a bike.
  3. The Weather. If the sun is shining (and not only then) it’s such a beautiful city. And even when it’s not shining and it’s really freezing cold outside the Danish still sit outside the bars, drinking and partying all night long. (BIG PLUS: so you don’t have to care what to wear under your jacket  -> saves time, ladies!)
  4. Nightlife. If the Danes do know one thing then it’s how to party. The nightlife in Copenhagen is full of opportunities. Concerts, parties, dinner-shows, fancy cocktail-bars and cool design restaurants.
  5. Shopping. If you wanna look as fancy as the Copenhageners you can buy really cool clothes in the designer-shops all over town. Speaking about Danish design… yes, if you love design you have to own at least one piece of a Danish designer.

What do you think about Copenhagen? Do you like it or not?

Hi, I'm Yvonne. Travel addict. Guilty as charged. Right now I'm probably falling off a camel somewhere in a desert, getting a new tattoo from a monk in Thailand or am carrying my luggage through a river in the jungle. But just as well I could be sitting on my sofa in Berlin, in my pyjamas. Good girls to to heaven, bad girls go everywhere. Everywhere sounds much more promising. So be travelous and follow me!

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  1. It’s actually a beautiful city with the scenery and building, but I’m very disappointed that I traveled to Copenhagen. My friend told me that she was robbed at the hostel in Copenhagen. She lost about 400 euro. She already asked the hostel to show the cctv but they said it’s confidential bla bla bla. So, whats the point of having the cctv if you dont want to show the face of the thief??? In conclusion, she didn’t get her wallet back. And yesterday I traveled to Copenhagen. I wasn’t aware that I would get robbed. I thought it would not happened to me. When I was walking on the Nyhavn street, I felt that someone was touching my bag and suddenly it felt so light. I hurried looked back and searched for my wallet and yess its gone! I lost everything in my wallet, debit card, credit card, member cards, bank notes, coins. Ive made a report at the police station in Copenhagen Central Station, but they said it would be hard to retrieve my wallet back unless there are some kind people ‘which I’m pretty sure there are none’ will give it back to the police station. Do they dont have any safety or protection for tourists? For example, in Barcelona, my friend was almost got pickpocketed in the train station but thank God there were police officers who have duties there and quickly arrested the pickpocketers. The thieves had been following my friend and kept getting closer and closer. They said usually train station is the common place for pickpocket and thats why they were there undercover. In Paris, my other friend was almost got pickpocketed as well. And there were police officers as well to stop the thief. Copenhagen is far from my expectation. In the tourist place like Nyhavn there should be police officers who keep an eye for thieves. Other than that, the police officer was very nice. She helped me to get money from the embassy although the embassy didnt pick up the phone. And she suggested me to ask my family or relatives to send money via western union. She really helped me a lot and very kind. I was happy and felt relief that the police officer was very helpful. Some danish people are nice and some are not. But it makes me wondering whats the point of making the report if they dont do something to prevent the thieves from stealing?? In the police station, there are many people who got their things stollen. I met a girl who lost her phone. She said she just bought it a few days ago. And in 2 days it will be a week old. Also, I paid to use the public toilet twice. First, to use the toilet. And then I paid again to wash my face because I forgot to took my face cleanser from the locker. But, the old woman who clean the toilet looked at me angrily. Sorry to be rude but do you even have to show that ugly face of yours? I prefer to wash my face in the station toilet because I dont want my things to be stollen AGAIN. In the bus there are no one who can keep an eye on my things because I travelled alone and I dont trust anyone after the incident plus it’s impossible for me to bring all of them in one tiny toilet of the bus. To summarize my experience in Copenhagen, *I’m sorry to say this* I don’t like it. More like I hate it. Am not going back to that city. Forgive me for any inappropriate words, I just want share my experience in Copenhagen.

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