7 Side Hustle Ideas in the Netherlands 2024

Inflation is hitting hard this year! There are a lot of ways to make extra income (extra geld verdienen). Here is a list of side hustle ideeen (side hustle ideas) in the Netherlands and online.

7 Side Hustle Ideas in the Netherlands (No Dutch Required):

Airbnb Logo with red font on a white background - one of the side hustles in the netherlands

1) Rent out your apartment on Airbnb

This brought in the most side income for us last year at around €9,000! We rent out our apartment while we were on holiday and were able to cover the costs of our holiday and more. There are specific rules in each city so be sure to review them first. See our comprehensive guide for Amsterdam linked here.

Afraid of renting out your space? Airbnb has very comprehensive insurance covering up to $3M in damage protection and $1M in liability insurance.

Use the link below to become a host and get an extra 40 euros after your first booking!

petbnb logo white font on a green background

2) Become a pet sitter on PetBnB

If you like dogs and cats, this is a great way to bring in side income and happiness into your day! Dog sitting rates for overnight average around €30 per night and walks average around €10 per walk. I had the most success with dogs using the Dutch Site PetBnB or in the Expats with Dogs in Amsterdam Facebook Group. There is the most demand during June, July, August, and Christmas time due to holiday and vacation travel. We loved having dogs around all summer. Check out our full article on petsitting.

temper logo white font on a green background

3) Flexible Part-Time Work: Work any shift with Temper

Temper is a flexible work platform where you can sign up for just one shift at businesses across the Netherlands. “Work where and when you want for an average of €20 an hour. Choose from 20,000+ gigs per week, in all kinds of different sectors.”  There is a labor shortage everywhere so restaurants, hotels, gyms, stores, worksites, etc. are all looking for part-time workers to help them cover the need.

Image from Temper website showing the earnings per hour for various shifts ranging from 15-28 per hour

Sitly Logo of red font on white background

4) Be a babysitter on Sitly

If you like children, there are over 100,000 babysitting jobs just listed on Sitly alone! They have a great platform where you can easily search in your area for someone close by. There are lots of families that do not require Dutch as well since they are expats too.

Snappcar logo with two animations driving

5) Rent out your car with your neighbors with Snappcar

Your car is an asset that you can use to earn extra income. Owning a car in the Netherlands is expensive. Renting out your car while you are not using it can help you earn back your car costs and help the environment. All rentals on Snappcar are fully insured through Allianz and all renters are screened before renting. You choose your own price, calendar and review renter requests as you wish. It operates very similarly to MyWheels but with renting our your car.

superprof logo with red front on a white background

6) Become a tutor on Super Prof

With over 1000 topics on Super Prof, you can tutor in anything. “Share your knowledge, live from your passion, and become your own boss.” Rates vary by topic and climb as high as €50 per hour.

person using a laptop and tablet to create side hustle ideas with coffee and flowers

7. Find a consistent part-time job

There are a lot of great databases for jobs. The vacancy section of Expat Jouw Pagina or Expat Jobs database has lists of open roles with a filtering capability for part-time roles and language required. There were 4,703 jobs that only required English at the time I am writing this article on Expat jobs. With jobs in locations all over Amsterdam, there is something out there for everyone.

Wat is een Side Hustle (What is a side hustle)?

A side hustle is simply a side job or an additional job someone takes in addition to their primary job. A side hustle is a great way to supplement your primary income and diversify your income. Earn extra income (extra geld verdienen) using one of our ideas in this article. Try one of the side hustle ideas from this article or maybe even two!