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The Best View Over Berlin – Berlin TV Tower

Every time I see him he makes me smile. Yes, it’s true. I’m in love. With the Berlin TV Tower. The Berlin TV Tower has amazing panorama view of Berlin. With over a million visitors a year, the Berlin TV Tower is one of the most things to do in Berlin!

Standing tall amidst the vibrant cityscape of Berlin, the Berlin TV Tower, or Fernsehturm Berlin, is an iconic landmark that offers visitors a unique perspective of the city. From its inception during the Cold War era to its current status as a symbol of reunified Berlin, the TV Tower has witnessed the city’s tumultuous history and emerged as a beacon of both history and modernity.

A Berlin TV Tower with a Tale:

Constructed in the 1960s by the German Democratic Republic (East Germany), the Berlin TV Tower was intended to showcase the technological prowess of the socialist regime and provide television broadcasting services to East Berlin. Its construction, however, also served a political purpose, symbolizing East Germany’s ambition and determination in the face of West Berlin’s prosperity.

Large Berlin TV tower with a rotating restaurant in a ball with best view over berlin

Unparalleled Views:

Today, the TV Tower stands as the tallest structure in Germany, offering unparalleled views of Berlin and its surroundings. Visitors can ascend to the observation deck, located over 200 meters above ground, via a high-speed elevator. From this vantage point, one can marvel at Berlin’s iconic landmarks, including the Brandenburg Gate, the Reichstag, and the sprawling Tiergarten park, all while gaining a deeper understanding of the city’s layout and history. The line can get quite long especially in the summer time so make sure to get the fast track ticket.

Architectural Marvel:

Designed by architect Hermann Henselmann, the Berlin TV Tower is a masterpiece of modernist architecture. Its distinctive spherical observation deck, affixed to a slender concrete shaft, creates a striking silhouette against the Berlin skyline. The tower’s design reflects both the technological ambitions of the Cold War era and the aesthetic principles of Bauhaus modernism, making it a true architectural marvel.

Cultural Hub:

Beyond its architectural significance, the TV Tower has also become a cultural hub in Berlin. Its revolving restaurant, located at a height of 207 meters, offers diners panoramic views of the city while indulging in delicious cuisine. If you have extra time, take you time and have afternoon tea while enjoying the view! Additionally, the tower hosts various Berlin events and exhibitions throughout the year, attracting locals and tourists.

black and white photo of the Berlin TV Tower against a grey sky.

Berlin Other Views:

For another great view, go to the Park Inn at Alexanderplatz, up to the 37th floor and there follow the signs to the viewing platform. There is a fee as well but you will get a great view of Berlin with the iconic Berlin TV Tower still in view!