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Of Camels and Me. Or: How to look elegant when falling off a camel.

Oh, I was so excited. The desert. Wahiba Sands in Oman. And camels. Finally I would see REAL camels. Aren’t they cute? That’s what I thought. Seems like they don’t like me. And I have evidence for this.

Evidence number one:

camel gas station oman

Doesn’t it look cuddly… this camel at a gas station? Cute! And this expression, so intellectual. Maybe I should pet it. Better not! Although it looks very innocent laying on this pickup truck, two seconds later it showed me his real face accompanied with an infernal roaring…

angry camel gas station oman

Evidence number two:

On the next morning, after a night underneath the stars, it was finally my turn to ride a camel. A childhood dream. So I thought: up we go and then let’s go. Well, first it did look good… (which was also because of the beautiful pictures Iain Mallory took)

how to ride a camel

But I was so excited I forgot where I had to hold my hands

women attempts to ride a camel leaning back with a man supporting her

And so it was bound to happen… twice… but take a look at it yourself…

I still do believe, what the others said about it: it looks very elegant. Period.

For those of you who want to know how NOT to fall off a camel: Hold one hand in the front, one in the back and then lean against the camel’s movement. Hope I can keep this in mind for next time…

Thanks to Oman Air for inviting me on this trip.