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Tulip Fields Netherlands: Everything you need to know

Every spring, my favorite thing to do is bike around the tulip fields. There is something so magical about seeing an entire field exploding with color as far as you can see. Here is everything you need to know about seeing the magical tulip fields Netherlands.

When is the best time to see the tulip fields Netherlands?

It is hard to predict precisely when the tulips will bloom as it is based on the weather, but the blooming season is typically from late March to early May. Late April tends to be the best time. The daffodil and hyacinth fields bloom before the tulip fields, so even if you are a few weeks early, you will be greeted with the magnificent smells of the hyacinth fields. Check the Keukenhof flower tracker to see how the flowers progress throughout the year.

Smiling women in front a field of pink tulips

Where are the best tulip fields Netherlands?

There are a few regions with tulip fields across the Netherlands, but the most famous and best-connected path is in the Bollenstreek region, connecting Lisse, Hillegom, and Noordwijkerhout. The famous Keukenhof is also in this region. It is the easiest to navigate, with the highest tulip field density in a small area.

The other area of concentrated tulip fields is Flevoland (Lelystad, Dronten, Zeewolde, and Noordoostpolder). I took the train to Lelystad with my bike on the train. I found it much harder to consistently find the tulip fields throughout the ride, so I recommend sticking with Bollenstreek.

What is the best way to see the tulip fields Netherlands?

If you are just visiting the Netherlands, I highly recommend taking a tour. It is not easy to navigate around if you are just visiting. Here are the two best ones:

Tulip Field Tour Option 1- Full Day

If you plan on visiting Keukenhof (you should definitely go; it is truly amazing), This full-day tour is perfect. It includes a tour of a tulip farm where they will teach you about the history of the tulip trade and the cultivation of tulips. They will also serve you amazing Apple Pie at the farm! They will then take you to Keukenhof, where you will have the afternoon to explore the gardens at your leisure. They end the day with a canal cruise through some of the small adorable Dutch towns, complete with Windmills. It is really the perfect Dutch day. 10/10 recommend. The tour is a round trip from Amsterdam!

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thousands of red tulips in a flower field in the Netherlands

Tulip Field Bike Tour

If you dream of biking around the fields, take this small group bike tour of the fields. The tour starts from the Keukenhof parking lot and lasts about 3 hours. They keep the tour to less than 10 people, so it is really lovely to enjoy the fields while someone else does all the navigating. They will teach you about tulip farming and take lots of pictures of you in the tulip fields.

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One of the stops on the tour is the Tulip Experience with a field with 1 million tulips in 500 different varieties. Here, you can have a coffee and pick your own tulips to take with you. Since the tour is in the parking lot of Keukenhof, it is easy to combine with a Keukenhof garden ticket. Get this one that includes the round-trip transit.

green and yellow bicycle in front of a tulip field of orange flowers in the Netherlands

Tulip Field Netherlands – Bike Path for the Serious Cyclists

If you live in the Netherlands, I still think the tour is a great way to go for your first trip (see above). If you are serious about cycling, this 35km route is fantastic. This interactive Google map put out by the Bollenstreek Tourism Board will show you the highlights. With all the flower detours, we biked over 40km, so leave the whole day for exploring and stopping along the way. We took our bikes on the train to Hillegom and then rode around the loop from there.

Is Keukenhof worth it?

ABSOLUTELY. Keukenhof is one of the best gardens in the world. They do such a fantastic job with the tulip and other flowers that it is truly magical. It is crowded, so go at the opening time or towards closing time. They have lots of cafeterias for coffee and lunch throughout the day. Get the ticket with the transit included since it is not easy to travel there except on the Keukenhof buses. 2024 is their 75th anniversary so I think it will be extra special.

thousands of pink tulips in a tulip fields Netherlands

How far is Keukenhof from Amsterdam?

Keukenhof is only 30 kilometers away from Amsterdam. Getting there by car is easy; check out the car sharing in Amsterdam for cheapest car options. If you are taking public transit, make sure you buy the Keukenhof ticket that includes the round-trip bus transit from Amsterdam. The Keukenhof buses will take you round trip from RAI, Schiphol Airport, Leiden or Haarlem. Depending on where you are staying, RAI is well connected by the metro, and Schiphol is well connected by train.

Can you walk in the tulip fields Netherlands?

The short answer is no. You can not walk in the tulip fields in the Netherlands. It can hurt the crops and impact the soil health of the farmer’s fields. At most of the fields that allow entry there is a spot along the edge of the field that will enable you to take plenty of pictures without hurting the crops. Just do not walk down the row of flowers.