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It’s true, India is indeed incredible. Filled with incredible scents and at times quite simply just incredibly smelly, bursting with incredible colours, incredibly varied in landscapes, incredibly pious, incredibly dirty and inhabited by incredibly friendly people. In short, India is incredibly overwhelming. It’s such a vast and varied nation that staying a bit longer is the best way to experience it. You will need time to soak it up and then let it all sink in.

We spent eight weeks in total in India, and only visited five out of 22 states. As a little taste of our trip, we selected a portrait a week to share with you.


On my trip to South America in fall and winter 2011/2012, I travelled through Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina and Uruguay. First I wanted to pass Bolivia quickly and focus on the famous salt lakes of Uyuni. But then my stay in Boliva was much longer in the end and I have to say, I don’t regret one single day. I was impressed again and again, Bolivia is such a beautiful and diverse country. The nature is extremely robust because of the high altitudes. In addition, Bolivia is the poorest country in South America and you will realize this very fast. It’s great to see how well people handle their lives with that little and it always helps me to stay down to earth. In between protests, demonstrations and roadblocks, a trip to Bolivia can also be a real adventure. Take care and enjoy discovering the multi-ethnic society. Let yourself drift!


Italy is known for its many culinary delights and delicacies, but Venice in particular is respected in the Italian culinary world. That the Venetians like to cook – especially with


***GUEST POST*** If you’ve ever visited London during the summer, you’ve probably been accompanied by the hordes of tourists who flock to the UK capital this time of year. Come


Getting around in eastern Europe is cheap compared to many other countries. The best way to travel is by bus but there are also good railway connections between popular cities.