Is Copenhagen expensive? 10 things you should consider before traveling

Is Copenhagen expensive? Yes. Is Copenhagen a beautiful city? Yes. So is Copenhagen worth a visit? If you ask me, it’s a total go. But there are 10 things you should consider before traveling to Copenhagen.

is copenhagen expensive?

I often get asked if is Copenhagen expensive, and I never know how to answer to that. Sure, compared to other European cities, Copenhagen is expensive. In fact, it has a reputation for being one of the more expensive cities to live in globally. However, the main factors to take into consideration when deciding if is Copenhagen expensive, usually are:

  1. Accommodation
  2. Dining Out
  3. Transportation
  4. Groceries and Everyday Expenses
  5. Entertainment and Leisure Activities

However, you should keep in mind that if you are traveling to Copenhagen, you probably won’t care much about most of these costs. So the real question to ask here: is Copenhagen expensive for a weekend trip? And my answer is: it’s not the cheapest weekend trip, but it’s comparable to Amsterdam, London, Paris and Milan. So just make sure to have a budget and you will be fine!

But let me give you some examples for you to decide if is Copenhagen expensive, and other factors to consider to decide if it’s worth it.

Now, bad news first:

  1. The Københavener. They are way too good-looking. Even if you’re a Heidi Klum or Brad Pitt look-alike, compared to the Copenhageners, you just look like the Hunchback of Notre Dame.
  2.  The Traffic. Crossing a street in Copenhagen is quite similar to committing suicide. No car or bicycle would stop for a pedestrian. If you dare to cross the street at a red light, it’s about 99% sure you are going to be killed.
  3.  The Weather. Summer is just like a summer breeze. The exact moment when you notice it, it’s already gone. If it’s a good winter, you have one hour of sun a day. And it’s cold, cold, cold.
  4.  Nightlife. Everything is damn expensive. For a beer, you have to pay about 8 euros. A café latte costs up to 8 Euro. Dinner for two people with one not-so-good bottle of wine will be 50 Euros per person.
  5.  Shopping. You see all these cool clothes and wanna buy something? Besides the fact that it’s also quite expensive you have to hurry cause shops are already closing at about 6 p.m.
view of the sea and sky with clouds

Now that I give you the bad news on is Copenhagen expensive, I will give you the good ones:

  1. The Københavener. Besides that, everyone is really good-looking (and who doesn’t like to look at pretty people?), and they are very friendly and humorous.
  2.  The Traffic. Copenhagen is a city you can easily explore by foot. The public transportation is also very good and using the very modern subway, busses and water taxis will bring you all-around the city for about 3 Euro. Special Tip: ride a bike.
  3.  The Weather. If the sun is shining (and not only then), it’s such a beautiful city. And even when it’s not shining, and it’s freezing cold outside,, the Danish still sit outside the bars, drinking and partying all night. (BIG PLUS: so you don’t have to care what to wear under your jacket -> saves time, ladies!)
  4.  Nightlife. If the Danes do know one thing, then it’s how to party. The nightlife in Copenhagen is full of opportunities: concerts, parties, dinner shows, fancy cocktail bars, and cool design restaurants.
  5.  Shopping. If you want towant to look as fancy as the Copenhageners,, you can buy cool clothes in the designer shops all over town. Speaking about Danish design… yes, if you love design you have to own at least one piece of a Danish designer.

What do you think about Copenhagen? Is Copenhagen expensive for you and is it worth it?