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Best 10 Studios for Pilates Amsterdam

Welcome to Amsterdam, the city that never rests. Early morning or late evening, with the rain or the sun, Amsterdammers always find motivation to sport, and one of the preferred activities is definitely Pilates. In this post, I will share my recommendations for the best Pilates Amsterdam. I have tried all the studios (I am now a regular at a few) and will give you honest feedback on each.

Pilates is the most versatile and effective “workout” you can do: apart from improving your flexibility and strength, it also has a fantastic impact on your mental health. Pilates is one of the preferred activities for people who want to disconnect from their mind and go back “into the body”. Life can be stressful in a big city like Amsterdam, so it’s essential to find time to slow down and relax; through Pilates, you not only improve your physical conditions, but you’ll also focus on breathing and concentration, which will contribute to increased mindfulness.

Below, I am sharing a list of the best studios to find your new home for Pilates Amsterdam. They are all available through Classpass too!

NOTE: Don’t forget to bring your anti-slippery socks with you! They are super important, in particular if you choose Reformer Pilates. So make sure to buy a pair before your class to avoid painful accidents.

Here are our Best 10 Studios for Pilates Amsterdam:

Best Studio for Pilates Amsterdam overall:


woman doing pilates amsterdam in the reformer
Your HIIT Pilates workout

A super fun 50-minute Reformer Pilates class focused on legs, glutes, and core. Often, they add some HIIT-inspired movements like burpees to help you burn a few extra calories. You’ll leave the studio with that post-workout feeling (thank you, endorphins) AND a toned and flexible body. What else would you want?

  • Best for: mixing up Pilates and HIIT workout
  • On Classpass: Yes
  • Locations: 4 (Oud-West, De Pijp, Zuid, Oost), 2 more upcoming

Best Studio for Pilates Amsterdam for Reformer Pilates:

K/C Move Studio

three people do pilates on a reformer
K/C Move Studio

In just 55 minutes, K/C Move Studio classes will tone your muscles and make you burn the maximum calories! K/C Move is Amsterdam’s first holistic boutique fitness and uses the KinetiCode® Pilates method. They provide high-quality personal training and well-designed small-group classes, so check them out if you feel in need extra care!

  • Best for: boutique-studio feeling
  • On Classpass: Yes
  • Locations: 2 (Jordaan, Zuid)

Best Studio for Pilates Amsterdam for Mat Pilates:

The White Door Studio

yoga studio with green walks and mats
The most cozy vibes at The White Door Studio

Perfect class for a challenging full-body workout on the mat set in a serene and cozy studio. The White Door Studio is an inspiring space with a strong community of members. Bonus point for the teacher, Tash: her classes are the best (fun, challenging and she has the best playlists!).

  • Best for: cozy & warm vibe
  • On Classpass: Yes
  • Locations: 1 (Oud-West)

Best Studio for Pilates Amsterdam for Sweaty Pilates:

Hot Flow Yoga

three people enter a room
Get ready for a sweaty class at Hot Flow Yoga

Adding heat as an extra challenge to a regular Pilates class, their classes support detoxification and will leave you fully re-energized. It can get pretty hot during class, so make sure to stay hydrated. Also, bring a big towel (even better, your own mat) to cover the mat provided by the studio: everything gets cleaned after each class, but it’s not for everyone to share mats in a hot Pilates studio. 

  • Best for: detox after a weekend of partying
  • On Classpass: Yes
  • Locations: 3 (Jordaan, De Pijp, Zuid)

Best Studio for Pilates Amsterdam to focus on technique:

BASI Pilates Academy

two women train at the gym
You can always count on the teacher’s support at BASI

They offer Mat and Reformer classes for different levels and private Pilates sessions. The studio specializes in Pre and Postnatal Pilates, Injury & Pathology, Diastasis Recti recovery, Structural Integration, and fascial release. What’s great about BASI Pilates Academy is its passionate focus on precision that helps clients create a deeper connection with their body and listen to how it works.

If you are looking for a studio to really improve your posture and well-being (on top of your fitness level), this is the right place to go. In addition, they also offer education and training for teachers, specializing, of course, in the BASI Pilates™ method (Body Arts and Science International – founder Rael Isacowitz).

  • Best for: prevention or recovery from an injury
  • On Classpass: Yes
  • Locations: 1 (Oud-West)

Best Studio for Pilates Amsterdam in Noord:

Pilates Noord

two women wear grey clothes at the gym
Elegant moves and bright smiles at Pilates Noord

Pilates has landed in Noord with an amazing studio, offering a wide range of classes (from Mat to Reformer, for all kind of experience levels) taught by sweet and attentive teachers. Keep in mind some of the teachers will teach the classes in Dutch, but they are happy to switch to English if you ask them to. 

  • Best for: finally a great studio in Noord!
  • On Classpass: Yes
  • Locations: 1 (Noord)

Best Studio for Pilates Amsterdam in West:


You know it will be a great workout when the studio’s motto is “We’ll make you sweat, burn, stretch, and destress – all in one class.” Their mat Pilates classes are fun and intense (note the studio gets heated at 30 degrees), and each class ends with a few minutes of guided meditation and savasana. Absolute bliss!

  • Best for: sweaty class but with style
  • On Classpass: Yes
  • Locations: 2 (Oud-West, De Pijp)

Best Studio for Pilates Amsterdam in Zuid:

Pilates 13

four women train at the gym
Lovely small classes at Pilates 13

Another excellent studio boutique offering different levels of reformer and tower classes for all levels. In addition, they added more dynamic classes, like HIIT Pilates and Hardcore Pilates, to spice up your weekly routine! The groups in Pilates 13 classes are small, so expect a lot of personal attention from teachers and speed of exercises tailored to the class level.

  • Best for: small classes with extra care
  • On Classpass: Yes
  • Locations: 2 (De Pijp, Zuid)

Best Studio for Pilates Amsterdam in De Pijp:

Studio 191 

woman in pink gym clothes train on a mat
The go-to studio for Amsterdam hit-girls

Amsterdam’s very best sculpting sanctuary! Studio 191 has been around for a while, and for a good reason: among their 3 locations around Amsterdam, their schedule provides a wide variety of Barre, Core, Pilates, and Sculpt classes. Their classes are challenging but super fun; prepare to feel your legs shaking! Bonus point for the community feeling, a great place for a workout date with your girlfriends!

  • Best for: community feeling & sculpting that booty
  • On Classpass: Yes
  • Locations: 3 (Oud-West, De Pijp, Oost)

Best Studio for Pilates Amsterdam in Oost:

Thrive Yoga

This studio grew from 1 to 4 locations in just over 10 years! Thrive Yoga provides classes on various Yoga styles and Mat Pilates. What makes this studio special is the attention given by the teachers: since they keep the number of participants in their classes limited (between 4 and 11), you get extra focus from the teacher and personal adjustments. Some classes are taught in Dutch, but if you tell the teacher you don’t speak Dutch, they are usually happy to switch to English.

  • Best for: small groups & extra care
  • On Classpass: Yes
  • Locations: 4 (all studios in Oost)

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