Classpass vs OneFit (Best Flexible Fitness App 2024)

Finding a great gym in Amsterdam that you love when you move can be tough. A great way to explore all the gyms in your area is through fitness programs like Classpass vs Onefit. Instead of subscribing to one gym, subscribe to ClassPass vs Onefit, which allow you to explore hundreds of gyms in your area. Both fitness apps/platforms have a flexible flat monthly fee and work on a credit system that you can use at various gyms. ClassPass Amsterdam has hundreds of gym options! After 5 years, I am still visiting new gyms all the time on Classpass, even when visiting home in the USA. Both allow you to sign up for exercise classes as well as option gym time.

What is the best Classpass vs OneFit?

Classpass is my clear winner in this battle for fitness apps of Classpass vs Onefit.

  • Get more for your money since the app credits go farther. Most ClassPass gyms offer discounts for first-timers, taking a class at off-peak hours, and “we miss you” discounts when you have not been to a specific gym in a while. These discounts allow for your credits to go much farther on ClassPass.
  • ClassPass is a global platform so you can use the credits in most large cities around the world when you are traveling.
  • No limit on specific gym frequency. OneFit limits the number of times you can attend a gym in a month. This can be really limiting when you find a gym you love and want to go to every week. OneFit also limits the number of classes that you can book in advance (only 2 on the basic membership. I found this really frustrating since you could not plan out your week of workouts but had to go in every few days to book and some of the classes fill up since you can only book 2 in advance.
  • Onefit also does not allow you to see the name of the teachers at the gyms. I really like specific teachers so I found it limiting that you could not see that information.
  • More options: ClassPass Amsterdam for example has hundreds of participating gyms with new gyms added all the time. OneFit was missing some of my favorite gyms like Velo, PLTS, and Saints and Stars, which are all available on Classpass.


Wat is ClassPass? (What is ClassPass)?

ClassPass is a global fitness app connecting you with gyms all over the world. ClassPass works on a credit system with plans ranging from 9 to 64 credits per month. Classes range from 3 credits to 9 credits to book based on the prestige of the gym and the demand at the time of day.

They have hundreds of participating gyms across the Netherlands in: ClassPass Amsterdam, ClassPass Rotterdam, ClassPass Utrecht, and ClassPass Den Haag all in one integrated platform. Whether you like Pilates, spinning, boxing, yoga, female gyms, HIIT or weight classes, etc., there are available in the app at multiple locations. ClassPass is one app for all things fitness, wellness & beauty. ClassPass gives you worldwide access to thousands of top-rated gyms, fitness studios, salons, and spas.

ClassPass Highlights

  • Very easy-to-use app which allows you to book classes up to a week in advance.
  • Many gyms offer first-timer discount, off-peak hours discounts, or “we miss you” discounts which allows you to get more classes for your money.
  • Worldwide Classes – ClassPass is a global platform so you can use the credits in most large cities around the world when you are traveling.
  • Whether you like Pilates, spinning, boxing, yoga, HIIT, padel, or weight classes, etc., there are available in the app at multiple locations.
  • If you have extra credits at the end of the month, you can use the credits on massages, healthy eating locations, and even manicures and pedicures at a discount using the ClassPass app
  • Get the first month for free when you sign up using this link: Classpass

ClassPass Prijzen (ClassPass Pricing):

4 Available Plans (ClassPass abonnement): Try out the free month using the link below first to see how many credits you typically use in a month.

ClassPass Wrap-up

Whether you like Pilates, spinning, boxing, yoga, HIIT or weight classes, etc., there are available in the app at multiple locations across ClassPass Amsterdam, ClassPass Utrecht, ClassPass Den Haag, and ClassPass Rotterdam. All available in one global platform.


Wat is OneFit? (What is OneFit?)

Onefit is a similar concept allowing you to work out whenever, wherever you want. Create your own workout routine with a flexible monthly sports subscription in the Netherlands. Choose from  hundreds of gyms across the Netherlands.

OneFit Highlights

  • Straight forward credit system where you buy a specific quantity of workouts. They tend to be more expensive per workout than on ClassPass.
  • Key limitation – most of their plans will limit how many times you can return to the same gym within a month which can be really limiting if you find somewhere you love
  • Easy-to-use app which allows you to discover new gyms and new workouts.

OneFit Pricing

Onefit has three pricing options with 4 – 18 workout plans ranging from 32 euros to 109 euros per month.

ClassPass vs OneFit Wrap Up

ClassPass is the clear winner since you get more for your money. Both apps offer an awesome service to build your own flexible workout plan at hundreds of gyms. Even after using ClassPass for five years, I still love it because I can go to spin, boxing, yoga, and weight training all in one week at different gyms. The variety keeps me interested in working out so I never get bored with the same old workout routine.

ClassPass Amsterdam

See the map below for all the gym options in Amsterdam! So many options to choose from!

Map of all the gym options on Classpass Amsterdam Options

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