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One Day In De Pijp Amsterdam

Everyone knows De Pijp! Less frequented by tourists and much more by locals, De Pijp is located in the south part of the city, right below the city center. Thanks to its central location (De Pijp can be reached in 15-minute bike ride from every part of the city), De Pijp is Amsterdam’s preferred neighborhood to meet for brunch or drinks with friends. De Pijp is probably Amsterdam’s most livable neighborhood, and I am proud to have called it home for four years! You’ll find cute little coffee shops, fine dining restaurants, hip terraces, and lots of shopping. Whether you are considering living here or visiting the city for the weekend, come with us to discover De Pijp Amsterdam.

De Pijp is a neighborhood developed in the late 19th century, conceived to support Amsterdam’s growing need for housing. At first, De Pijp was designed to accommodate the working class. In time, the neighborhood became a melting pot of cultures, visible in the diverse culinary scene, street life, and festivals of the neighborhood. Later in the century, between the 60s and 70s, De Pijp’s affordable housing started to attract artists and bohemians, making De Pijp one of Amsterdam’s most significant cultural hubs.

Sunset over an street in De Pijp Amsterdam with historic apartment buildings and bicycles

In the last twenty years, De Pijp has become very trendy and is now considered one of the top areas to live in Amsterdam. Read this guide to find out our top picks for spending a great day in De Pijp.

Best Coffee in De Pijp Amsterdam

Scandinavian Embassy

Overlooking Sarphatipark, Scandinavian Embassy is the place to go for a quick mid-morning catch up with a friend or even a little me-time. Find a seat or even get you high-quality coffee to take away and enjoy it while walking through Sarphatipark. Don’t miss out on their cinnamon rolls!

People enjoying Sarphatipark by sitting on a bench, biking, and laying on the grass

Coffee & Coconuts

Great for brunch, too. CT Coffee & Coconuts has been around for some time now, and for good reason. With good coffee, healthy drinks, and a relaxed vibe, this café is perfect for meeting friends over coffee and perhaps for brunch.

Old Buildings and a blue sky with a sign for Cafe Koffiehuis

Best Brunch places in De Pijp Amsterdam

Little Collins

Our personal favorite, Little Collins in De Pijp, is located on Eerste Sweelinckstraat (they have another in Oud-West) and offers one of the best brunches in Amsterdam. Their menu is often changing, but it’s always delicious. You cannot reserve, and it often gets busy, so just walk there, put your name on the list, and relax: their ricotta hotcakes are worth the wait!

Bali Brunch 82

Bali Brunch is a must-visit if you can get a spot. The Indonesian fusion food is incredible, and the service is impeccable. It also has a great vegan brunch selection! Go for the banana pancakes!

Best Dinner spots in De Pijp Amsterdam


Izakaya, just below the Sir Albert Hotel, is a high-end Japanese-Peruvian fusion restaurant with a chic style. It makes a great date spot, with its sushi and robata grill dishes and glamorous atmosphere.

Brut de Mer

Brut de Mer is a lovely French bistro specializing in seafood and champagne. One of Amsterdam’s favorite hobbies is people-watching, and this is the perfect place to do it: sit at one of their outdoor tables, order oysters and wine, and enjoy the show.

Man and Women smiling with a plate of seafood and a bottle of wine

Best Drinks in De Pijp Amsterdam

Bar Mash

Probably De Pijp’s most popular bar, Bar Mash, located on Van Woustraat, is the place to see and be seen. With an extensive selection of beers, wines, and great cocktails, Bar Mash is one of the best terraces to spend your Saturday afternoon—a bonus point for the fantastic Thai snacks and small dishes.

Glass of Rose Wine at a terrace in Amsterdam

Cafe Flamingo

If you are looking for a bar where to start (or end) your night, then you have found the right place. Cafe Flamingo, right in the middle of De Pijp, is our go-to in De Pijp: during the day, you can sit nicely on their outdoor terrace, while at night, they put music on, and it turns into a typical Amsterdam dancing bar.  

Top Activities in De Pijp Amsterdam

De Pijp is an amazing neighborhood in which to live. There are few attractions, but there are more activities! Everyone should live in De Pijp at some point during their stay in Amsterdam!


There is nothing like sipping a nice glass of crisp rose while soaking up the sun on a cute terrace. If you agree with me, then De Pijp is the place to go. Most Amsterdammers meet in De Pijp for their Saturday drinks, and the neighborhood has a place for everyone (although sometimes you need to work hard to find a table, so make sure to reserve a table in advance!). Below is a list of our favorite terraces; we try to keep it up to date with the latest terraces opening.

  • GlouGlou
  • Bar Mash
  • De Tulp
  • Cafe Binnen Buiten
  • Brouwerij Troost

Attractions and Activities

  • Albert Cuyp Market: probably Amsterdam’s most iconic street market; this market was established in the early 20th century, and it’s situated in the heart of De Pijp. With more than 260 stalls, it runs all along Albert Cuypstraat. You can find many options for food, drinks, fresh produce, and flowers. Make sure to get some stroopwafels and herring, and head to Sarphatipark, where you can sit on the grass and enjoy an improvised picnic. Albert Cuyp Market is open six days a week, from Monday to Saturday.  Try the guided tour to hear about the history of the market and enjoy tastings at 6 locations.
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People walking through the Albert Cuyp Market in De Pijp Amsterdam
  • Heineken Experience: A visit to Amsterdam is not complete without the original Heineken brewery. Here, you can understand and see how the most iconic Dutch beer is being produced. The tour includes multimedia exhibits, an explanation of the history, various activities, and, of course, a tasting session of Heineken’s finest brews.
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  • Museumplein (Museum Square): Home to the city’s most prestigious museums, this area is a great starting point for exploring Amsterdam’s rich cultural heritage. You can find Rijksmuseum, Moco Museum, Van Gogh Museum, Stedelijk Museum, and the Royal Concertgebouw. You can always rest in between visits at one of the cafés overlooking the square.
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View of a canal with old buildings on either side and the Rijksmuseum in the background

Where to stay in De Pijp Amsterdam

Challenging to select just a few, De Pijp offers excellent accommodation options. Check out also Airbnb if you prefer to experience the local lifestyle.  

  • The College Hotel Amsterdam: One of my favorite hotels in the neighborhood, right across the Museum Quartier. This 4-star hotel is 10 minutes away from the Moco Museum and offers the best value for money and an excellent location.
  • Volkshotel: A short walk across the Amstel River (officially making it an Oost neighborhood hotel), this is Amsterdam’s preferred hotel among creatives. It offers a sauna and hot tubs on the rooftop and one of Amsterdam’s best nightclubs in the basement.
  • Sir Albert Hotel: right in the middle of De Pijp, Sir Albert Hotel is perfect for those looking for comfort and a great location. Bonus point for the fantastic IZAKAYA restaurant, right on the corner from the hotel!
View of the Amstel River at Sunset with the canal houses of Amsterdam on either side of the water

For who is De Pijp Amsterdam

  • Expats just arrived in Amsterdam and want to live in Amsterdam’s finest (and most fun) neighborhood
  • Visitors interested more in relaxing with a good glass of wine in the sun than walking through museums
  • People looking for a central location to explore every part of the city

De Pijp is Amsterdam’s real melting pot! With its vast community of expats and locals, cute stores and Sarphatipark, and a wide selection of restaurants and bars, De Pijp is probably Amsterdam’s most livable neighborhood, and I am proud to have called it home for four years!