Best Gyms Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a very fit city so you will find thousands of gym and workout options across the city. From boutique gyms to HIIT to boxing, the city has something for everyone. I love workout classes but wanted to find classes in English so here is my list of the best gyms Amsterdam options in English.

Classpass – Best Fitness App to Sample Gyms in Amsterdam

The best way to start is to sign up for Classpass. It allows you to sample the best gyms Amsterdam to see which ones are your favorite.

Sign up with this link to get 50 free credits ClassPass

ClassPass is a global fitness app connecting you with gyms all over the world. Classpass works on a credit system with plans ranging from 9 to 64 credits per month. Classes range from 3 credits to 9 credits to book based on the prestige of the gym and the demand at the time of day.

They have hundreds of participating gyms across the Netherlands in: Classpass Amsterdam, Classpass Rotterdam, Classpass Utrecht, and Classpass Den Haag all in one integrated platform. Whether you like Pilates, spinning, boxing, yoga, HIIT or weight classes, etc., there are available in the app at multiple locations. One app for all things fitness, wellness & beauty. ClassPass gives you worldwide access to thousands of top-rated gyms, padel courts, fitness studios, salons, and spas.

The two main fitness apps are Classpass and Onefit. I recommend Classpass when comparing Classpass vs. OneFit.

Padel Netherlands Court in blue

Saints and Stars – Best Gyms Amsterdam for Classes

Saints and Stars is a beautiful gym with an amazing community. If you are willing to pay a little more for your gym, there is no better choice than Saints and Stars. They have a series of “Holy..” Classes with Holy Shred (HIIT – running combined with weight training), Holy Boxing (excellent boxing class), Holy Booty (amazing targeted class for your booty), Holy Ride (very upbeat spin class), and Holy Build (weight lifting class). All classes are in English. Get 20 euros off your membership by using this Saints and Stars link.

Velo – Best Spin Class Amsterdam

If you have never tried a spin class, you are in for a treat. An action packed 45 min session that leaves you full of energy. As an American, I was on the search for a great cycling gym like the ones in the US. Velo is my go-to on a Saturday morning to kick off the weekend in a super positive way. Highly recommend as one of the best gyms Amsterdam.  All classes are in English. If you are close by to a Rocycle, the classes are similar with upbeat music and a fast paced workout.

PLTS – Best Reformer Pilates

If you like Pilates, PLTS is the hardest class in Amsterdam. All the classes are on a reformer machine which is amazing for targeting your muscles. My abs are always sore days after a class here.  All classes are in English. If you like Pilates, explore our full Best 10 Studios for Pilates Amsterdam article.

Workout Lab – Best Weight Training Class

Best weight training class, I go a few times a week to round out my training with some weight classes. The instructors are so helpful in coming around and helping with form. I learned so much about weight training through these classes. My go-to for weight training.  They always ask at the beginning if anyone wants the class in English and the instructors are happy to accommodate.

Trainmore – Best Gyms Amsterdam – Chain

Trainmore is your classic premium chain gym with a clean and manicured space. If you are close to their Amsterdam location, it is a great choice. They have some female gyms as well if you prefer to train with only females around.

SportCity – Best Budget Gym Chain

SportCity has locations across the city and is a good choice for a standard gym setup.